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Sustainable Christmas Ideas to Inspire you this Year

We love reading content by other bloggers, so wanted to share some of the sustainable Christmas inspiration we’ve been seeing online. From a sustainable Christmas mindset to choosing sustainable Christmas gifts, we have some of our favourite new and old posts from some blogging friends.

Christmas decor
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Sustainable Christmas Mindset

With a big topic like “Sustainable Christmas” it’s good to dial in and figure out what that means. We shared last year about how we wanted to approach the holidays in our post What We Are Taking Time for This Christmas.

Here are a couple more posts to help you think about how you’d like to approach Christmas.

5 Ways to be both Festive and Frugal

The holiday season can be a strain on our budgets. Michelle over at Boomer Eco Crusader is sharing some ways to keep in the festive spirit while watching your spending.

Read the post here: 5 Ways to be both Festive and Frugal

How to Have a Sustainable Christmas Without Missing Out

When we live a different lifestyle than a lot of other people, we can sometimes feel like we’re missing out–especially at a time of abundance like Christmas. Fran from The Eco Desk is sharing how to be mindful this holiday season with some ideas for new sustainable Christmas traditions.

Read the post here: How to Have a Sustainable Christmas Without Missing Out

Christmas crafts for a sustainable mindset
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Sustainable Christmas Crafts and DIYs

We love our DIY’s! They’re fun, entertaining, great for upcycling and even great for gifts! We shared a few fun ideas in our Sustainable Gift List, but here are some more ideas for you in these great posts.

Cardboard Christmas Trees

Michelle at Blessings by Me has a ton of fun and easy DIY’s on her site. If you follow us on Twitter, you may have seen me share this post already. It’s a super cute, super easy way to upcycle cardboard and yarn.

Read the post here: Cardboard Christmas Tree DIY

DIY Candy Ornaments

Another fun DIY from Michelle at Blessings by Me are these primitive candy ornaments. They are a great upcycle of fabric scraps and packing peanuts, though you could use alternative stuffing as well.

Read the post here: Primitive Candy Ornaments

Eco-Friendly Christmas Decorations

For even more Christmas decoration DIY, Caroline at Enviroline Blog has some fun ideas too!

Read the post here: 3 Eco Friendly Decorations

Christmas Gift
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Sustainable Christmas Gifts

Christmas can often focus largely on gift giving. There isn’t anything wrong with giving gifts, but it is worth looking at how we give and where we buy. Simple choices like shopping small and local can make a huge difference! Here are some more posts to inspire your gift giving choices.

How to Find Ethical and Sustainable Gifts

We may know that ethical and sustainable gifts are the better option for shopping during the holidays, but how do we know how to find the right options? Sophie at In Sophie’s Mind is digging into the topic and helping us make the right choices.

Read the post here: How to Find Ethical and Sustainable Gifts

How to Have an Unforgettable Minimalist Christmas

Minimalism and a sustainable lifestyle often intertwine as there is a mutual focus on a lack of unnecessary consumerism. Vourneen from The Plain Simple Life looks at how, while a minimalist Christmas can seem difficult at first glance, it can actually be rewarding, freeing, and meaningful.

Read the post here: How to Have an Unforgettable Minimalist Christmas

Christmas Table Setting
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Sustainable Christmas Food Ideas

With the holidays comes an abundance of food! Here are some fun recipes to try and some things to think about when it comes to what’s on our table.

Simple and Delicious Breton Brittle

I’m so excited to try this recipe from Michelle at Boomer Eco Crusader! I’ve got all the ingredients ready to go and will be making it this weekend. It looks so simple and so good!

Read the post here: Simple and Delicious Breton Brittle

No Bake Cookie Truffles

No bake. Cookie. Truffle. Could a recipe title be more enticing?! Simona at The Grumpy Olive shares this super easy recipe that you can customize to your heart’s content!

Read the post here: No Bake Cookie Truffles

Leftover Turkey Recipes

Food waste is a HUGE problem for our planet. We’ve previously talked about how 50% of food in Canada is wasted. With big turkey dinners, the potential for leftovers to go to waste is definitely there, so here is a post from Holly at Spend With Pennies to inspire ways to use up those extras!

Read the post here: Leftover Turkey Recipes

You Should Have a Meat Free Christmas

I understand if going fully meat-free isn’t an option for everyone, but eating less meat does have huge benefits for our environment. Sophie at In Sophie’s Mind is talking about how having a meat-free option on your Christmas table can help you live more consciously. She also has some menu options for you to try!

Read the post here: You Should Have a Meat Free Christmas

Sustainable Christmas Ideas

Do you focus on having a sustainable Christmas? We’d love to hear your ideas and what inspires you in the comments!

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