Who we are

A Sustainably Simple Life was created by the two of us, Krista and Alison. We became friends over 10 years ago and soon came to see how our lifestyles and values mirrored each other in many ways. While our lives differ with respects to family, housing, and work, both of our core beliefs focus on sustainability, simplicity, and being budget conscious.

Both of us love to share our journeys–the mistakes and the successes–through blogging, so in 2019 we decided to team up and A Sustainably Simple Life was born!

Meet Alison

Alison, an avid diy-er, is a single person navigating the Vancouver area rental market. She has been eating a plant-based diet, [mostly] vegan, for over 15 years. Her passion for living an environmentally conscious life started in Grade 4 after a community group presentation introduced the students to the 3 R’s.

Meet Krista

Krista is a married mother of two young children and has been on the Vancouver-area property ladder since 2003. She and her family aim to eat pesticide free in a budget-friendly manner. A key piece of this effort is an ever-expanding garden that she hopes will eventually allow for food production through the winter.

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