• How your food choices help the planet
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    How Your Food Choices Help the Planet: 3 Simple Actions

    After being overwhelmed by the IPCC Report on climate change, Krista and I wanted to spend some time focusing on personal actions that could help the planet. Krista started off last week by continuing her series on How Your Garden Helps the Planet. This week, I’m taking a look at how our food choices help the planet. There will be simple actions we can make in all areas of our lives to lessen our impact on the planet and our food choices are no exception. Small, collective actions can add up not just to help prevent climate change, but also to influence policy makers and big businesses to create change.…

  • Flashfood Inspirations

    Flashfood: Freezer Meals

    Freezer Meals I had a wonderful, simple-sounding idea to make a 5-10 bagged uncooked freezer meals in an afternoon (with some reasonably priced components purchased through Flashfood) that I could pop into the slow cooker to make dinner preparation time in the late afternoon less of a bottleneck in our house. I was finding that the little people (and sometimes big people!) were often tired and hungry at the end of the day and I was finding it difficult to spend a lot of time preparing dinner in the kitchen. But my well-intentioned bulk food preparation day just wasn’t happening! I tried to make a couple of meals and ended…

  • Flashfood Inspirations

    Flashfood: Sweet Bell Peppers

    The Flashfood App enables frugal grocery purchases while also promoting sustainability by diverting food that was destined for the landfill. This app links consumers looking for grocery deals with stores looking to sell nearly expired foods. And it’s also a great way to try out new foods and challenge yourself to experiment with recipes! Find out about the app here: Introduction to Flashood Flashfood Find: Sweet (bell) peppers Regular Price $10.00Flashfood Price $5.00Total Savings $5.00 Menu Inspiration I use peppers in quite a few of the meals that I cook so when I saw this box of peppers for only $5.00 I bought it right away! My plan was to…

  • Flashfood overripe banana
    Flashfood Inspirations

    Flashfood: 7 Ways to Use Overripe Bananas

    Flashfood Find: Box of bananas Regular Price $10.00Flashfood Price $5.00Total Savings $5.00 Menu Inspiration Bananas are such a fantastic thing to have in the freezer. Grocery stores will often sell overripe bananas at a discount: Walmart often has them in their $1/$2 produce bag section; Loblaws chains often has them in bags at 30% off; and, of course, you can find them on Flashfood. Bananas are great because they are so versatile, which is what inspired this list of easy things you can make with your bananas! 1. Smoothies There are so many varieties of smoothies that use bananas. I’m a sucker for anything chocolate, so I suggest starting out…

  • Flashfood Inspirations

    Flashfood: Spaghetti Sauce

    Flashfood Find: Produce box Regular Price $10.00Flashfood Price $5.00Total Savings $5.00 Menu Inspiration One thing I always try to keep stocked in my freezer is veggie-packed spaghetti sauce. It’s a simple, frugal meal that helps me stretch my grocery dollars. It’s also perfect for those weeks when I don’t want to cook! There was no specific recipe that I followed. I usually just throw items on hand into the crock pot and let them cook up. I was inspired to make pasta sauce from this Flashfood box specifically because of the tomatoes, peppers and carrots. What I added to my sauce: – Flashfood Peppers– Flashfood Carrots– Flashfood Diced Tomatoes– Diced…

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    How Living Sustainably Can Save You Money

    Looking at changing over to a more sustainable lifestyle and using sustainable products can seem like a financially daunting task, but I’ve found that my tendency to live frugally is what led to my choices being more sustainable and better for the environment. Here’s how. Reduce and Reuse–forget about Recycle Okay, don’t really forget about recycling, but leave it as the last resort. The first two “R’s” are what will actually have a bigger impact on your life. Reduce consumption, spend less money I’m not reinventing the wheel here as it’s a pretty basic concept, but stuff is causing a problem on the planet. One thing we can personally do…