Plastic Free July: Best Posts
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Plastic Free July: 5 Best Posts from the Month

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What a month! Plastic Free July is always a great time of reflection on our personal plastic use and a time to gain more awareness of plastic’s impact on the environment. We’ve been reading a lot of great posts and articles online this month and have some of our favourites here to share with you.

Plastic Free July Recap

Last year for Plastic Free July, we walked through different rooms in our homes to find out where we were using plastic. It was an eye opening experience because plastic is everywhere! This year, we looked at some more niche areas of our lives to see how we could swap out some more plastic.

In case you missed out on any, here are the links to this year’s posts for Plastic Free July:

Getting Prepped and Ready for Plastic Free July
Looking to learn what Plastic Free July is and how to participate? Start here with our intro post! This post includes a link to our 5-week Plastic Free July Challenge where we lay out daily challenges for you to try.

Plastic Free July: Personal Care Products
Cosmetics and personal care can be a challenging area to go plastic free in. Krista took a look at some options and DIY recipes to help you tackle the plastic in those products.

How Good are Cork Yoga Mats? A Scoria World Review
I recently replaced my old plastic yoga mat with a sustainable cork mat. I only recently learned these existed! In this post I’m sharing all about what cork yoga mats are like and about the sustainable materials that they are made of.

Plastic Free July: The Plastic in our Clothing
Plastic sneaks into every area of our lives including our clothing! Krista looked at the plastic in our clothing and ways to reduce the environmental impact of it. She shared about what to do and also about different types of fabric to consider.

Cork Yoga Mat

Best of Plastic Free July from Around the Web

We weren’t the only ones writing about Plastic Free July. There’s always a LOT of participants out there–326 million to be exact for 2020. We’ve been following along online and have a round up of our favourite Plastic Free July content we were reading this year.

Here are five of our favourite posts that we read this month.

1. Why Sustainability is Important – My Journey by The Grumpy Olive

Cristina breaks down the topic of sustainability by not only addressing what it is, but also how we can tackle some changes in our lives. In addition to that, this post touches on Cristina’s own journey and struggle in starting a sustainable lifestyle. It’s so important to share the ups and downs of our journeys because life never goes in a straight line!

Read the post here: Why Sustainability is Important – My Journey

Plastic Free Glass Jars in Pantry
Glass Jars are a great way to store food plastic free!
Image by Filmbetrachter from Pixabay

2. Plastic Free July Eco-Actions by EcoBabble

Sometimes talking about reducing plastic can be overwhelming because it’s such a big topic. EcoBabble has broken down some easy steps towards tackling the issue in your life. Their post is a great list of practical things you can do in your life to reduce your dependence on plastic.

Read the post here: Plastic Free July Eco Actions

3. Easy Zero-Waste Face Powder by Boomer Eco Crusader

We were talking about plastic free cosmetics and personal care on the blog this month and Michelle shared with us her easy DIY for face powder. It can be made with items from your pantry! Cosmetics can be a challenging area to go plastic free, so I think this is a brilliant option for a zero waste product.

Read the post here: Easy Zero-Waste Face Powder

Plastic in Cosmetics
It can be challenging to go plastic free with your cosmetics
Image by anncapictures from Pixabay

4. How to Reuse 9 Common Packaging Items by This Brilliant Day

When little bits of plastic work their way into our lives, there are still creative ways you can reuse these and give them new life. Reusing something before tossing it in the bin is one of the most practical ways you can help our planet. Sophie has some really creative ideas for reusing items in her post!

Read the post here: How to Reuse 9 Common Packaging Items

5. The Truth About Individual Accountability & Climate Action by Transatlantic Notes

This post is a reminder that personal accountability is important and a good thing, but we also need to put pressure on those that are causing most of the damage. Molly tackles this big topic in an truly accessible way. She shares ways we can expand our individual eco-actions to a broader climate action, which could result in the systemic shift our planet desperately needs.

Read the post here: The Truth About Individual Accountability & Climate Action

Climate Change Protest
Taking a stand for the climate is an individual and a corporate responsibility.
Image by PlanetMallika from Pixabay

We love seeing so many people writing about and participating in movements like Plastic Free July. It’s encouraging to see awareness for sustainable choices and climate action continuing to grow!

These are five of our favourite posts from the month. What were you favourite reads from this month?

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    • Jordanne || Ofaglasgowgirl

      What a great round up of posts. I’ve really enjoyed reading all about more sustainable swaps and being more eco friendly. Plastic free July has been fantastic for getting lots of reccomendations on products. Will check out the other posts here that I’ve not already read for sure.

      • A Sustainably Simple Life

        Thanks, Jordanne!
        I love Plastic Free July for that too. There’s so much great information out there πŸ™‚

  • Jaya Avendel

    I love that you have done a roundup post of your best reads for the month! I find it fascinating to see what good writers enjoy reading about. The post on how to reuse packaging was amazing and I loved sharing Cristina’s personal view and journey with sustainablity.
    Thanks for sharing!

  • Corinne

    Ohhh I love the idea of a cork Yoga mat! I need to get better at doing my yoga actually. Some fab ideas here. I really need to reduce my plastic use and always look to replace things with a better alternative (once the plastic item NEEDS replacing of course!)

    Corinne x

    • A Sustainably Simple Life

      Thanks Corinne! The cork yoga mat has been fantastic!
      That’s so awesome you’re conscious of looking for alternatives when replacing items. It makes such a huge difference πŸ™‚

  • Jenny in Neverland

    I really need to check out the posts linked here that I haven’t read yet. I loved A Grumpy Olive’s. Enviroline Blog had an amazing post on a full list of sustainable swaps which was really good too!

    • A Sustainably Simple Life

      Caroline’s blog, Enviroline Blog, is amazing! I agree she has great posts. Will go check out the one you mentioned πŸ™‚

  • loverosiee

    I am going to dedicate my weekend to looking into this post more. I want to make sensible choices and changes to make August as plastic free as possible!

  • Michelle

    Great idea to put all these posts together in one place! I’m working on getting rid of so much plastic in our home. My next biggest thing to stop using is plastic zipper bags and plastic wrap. It’s amazing how much plastic we use without realizing it!

    • A Sustainably Simple Life

      The amount of plastic we have in our lives really is staggering. We’ve found using beeswax wraps to be great instead of plastic wrap. Definitely worth a try! Love that you’re intentionally taking steps to reduce plastic πŸ™‚

  • Leah

    I didn’t give a thought to plastic in clothing or in my yoga mat! Though I won’t swap my yoga mat (I don’t think there’s benefit there?), if I ever do need a new one, it’s awesome to know that the cork option exists. I recently switched to bamboo toilet paper with paper wrapping. Felt good to make even a small switch for sustainability.

    • A Sustainably Simple Life

      It’s amazing where plastic can show up in our lives, isn’t it?! I totally agree with you that using the items you have now, like your yoga mat, if they are not needing to be replaced. Replacing things as they wear out is what I’ve been doing too. πŸ™‚

  • Leah

    Love the discussion of plastic in clothing–that’s something I hadn’t thought of before! Recently I switched to bamboo tp with paper packaging instead of the usual plastic. It’s a small move, but change happens one step at a time.

    • A Sustainably Simple Life

      That change actually sounds like a big one! Toilet paper is something that’s used frequently so that’s fantastic that you’ve found a more sustainable option!

  • Heidi Bruaw

    Thank you for including all of the links. I am still learning so much about living more sustainably so these will help a lot!

  • Elle

    I really love reading and learning more about sustainability. Loved these posts! Thanks for sharing Xo

    Elle –

  • loveemblogger

    Thank you for this little roundup! I love reading other blogger’s posts and seeing how I can help to make a change. Thank you for sharing x

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