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10 Great Ways To Reuse Takeout Containers

We love reusing things! It’s so important to get the most use out of everything we have so we can create less waste. Last year I shared 26 ways we can reuse glass jars and today it’s all about takeout containers.

Before you toss your takeout containers directly into the recycle bin, try giving them a second chance at life! A lot of these suggestions can be used for other plastic containers as well, so I hope you’re inspired to reuse everything from takeout containers to margarine tubs.

reuse takeout containers
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Inspiration for Reusing Takeout Containers

This post was inspired by Boomer Eco Crusader‘s post about How to Enjoy Takeout Without Destroying the Planet. I love Michelle’s ideas on reducing waste from takeout and it got me thinking on what to do if I do end up with plastic takeout containers at home.

Here are 10 different ways you can reuse your takeout containers at home:

1. Food Storage

Whether it’s freezing leftovers for the future or keeping leftovers in the fridge, takeout containers are perfect for food storage–obviously!

2. Sending Leftovers Home with Visitors

Takeout containers are perfect for sending leftovers home with visitors. No need to worry about getting the container back or having precious Tupperware go missing, these containers are perfect for packing up food for guests.

Photo by Pixabay/congerdesign

3. Baking Gift Packages

Who doesn’t love getting homemade treats?! Takeout containers can be the perfect way to gift your baking to loved ones and neighbours. No need for them to worry about returning the container to you!

4. Organize Your Craft Supplies

Sort and store various craft items in your takeout containers. I love little sauce containers for small items like brads or beads.

Kitchen soap caddy
Dish soap and accessory holder

5. Soap and Sponge Caddy for your Kitchen Sink

Sometimes containers are the perfect size! I use one of my containers from a long ago sushi order to hold my dish soap and other items by my kitchen sink. It keeps things tidy and keeps my counter dry.

6. Create Activity Packs for Road Trips

Crayons, notebooks, small toys, puzzles. Keep your kids entertained on road trips by creating to-go activity packs for them to explore.

7. Store Homemade Playdough

When I was a nanny, homemade playdough was a hit! Takeout containers are a perfect way to store this fun activity. They are not only an airtight storage to keep the playdough fresh, but are also larger and can store playdough creations.

Try making your own playdough with this recipe: Homemade Playdough Recipe

paint brushes
Photo by Pixabay/flutie8211

8. Mix and Keep Paint Colours

As a DIY-er and furniture refinisher, I often mix paint colours for my creations. It can be hard to find containers to do this in as I don’t want to destroy my good reusable ones, so takeout containers are a great option. (I also use margarine tubs for this too if you’re needing more options.)

9. Store Fasteners and Hardware

If I’m taking apart furniture or other items for DIY projects, I can end up with various pieces of hardware–screws, nails, washers, etc. Takeout containers can be great for storing items that you get without an original package.

10. Stationary Organizer

Sort your pens, felts, highlighters, crayons out into separate containers for easy access and organization. In general, takeout containers are great to reuse for various types of storage an organization.

Cork Yoga Mat

What would you add to the list?

Do you reuse takeout containers or other containers around your home? What ways do you get creative reusing them?

Hopefully these single use plastics will soon be phased out with items that can be fully composted or that have a circular lifespan, but until then we can always give things a longer lease on life by reusing them.

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