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7 Ways to Have a Zero Waste Valentine’s Day

Zero Waste Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day means many things to many people – my husband essentially refuses to celebrate what he calls a “Hallmark Holiday” while some people go all out Cupid! I prefer to take a moderate approach where I see Valentine’s Day as an opportunity to care for myself and those around me.

Unfortunately, there is often waste that goes along with so many of our celebrations and Valentine’s Day is no exception: stuffies that will sit on a shelf, plastic-wrapped chocolate and flowers, cards made of new paper material, and wrapping paper, to name a few. In light of this, we’re sharing a few Valentine’s Day ideas to celebrate your loved ones without the waste!

zero waste valentine's

Zero Waste Valentine’s Fun!

1. Baking and sharing cookies:
Whether you’re the world’s best baker, or someone who burns everything you cook, baking and decorating cookies can be a fun task to do with kids or friends, or even just to eat on your own! I don’t find that I have a lot of time to bake and clean up from baking these days, so I’ve been enjoying Susgrainable products – just add a few items to the pre-made mix, bake them up, and share!

2. Make red-coloured meals or treats:
Consider treating someone to a red themed meal – red heart-shaped pancakes, red fruits and veggies, spaghetti bolognese, or maybe these fun frozen raspberry treats!

Photo Credit: Pixabay silviarita

3. Tell your loved ones why you love them:
I saw someone post an amazing idea that I think I’m going to do this year – posting heart-shaped notes on my kids’ doors to let them know what I love about them!

4. Who doesn’t love a scavenger hunt?
Find 14 different scavenger hunt ideas at this link and start planning a fun and challenging Valentine’s activity for your loved ones. Though the article references hunts for children, there are some great ideas that could be adapted for anyone!

5. Valentine’s Day self care:
In a previous post we shared recipes for some simple and budget-friendly DIY spa products. Why not treat yourself, or a group of friends, to home spa night?

Photo Credit: Pixabay congerdesign

6. Did you know that it’s not too early to start your garden this year?
This post shares a couple of options for some seeds that can be planted now! Instead of giving flowers possibly wrapped in plastic packaging, why not consider the gift of seeds that you can plant together?

7. Go to a favourite place:
I was recently reminded of all of the time my husband and I used to spend at our favourite brunch place doing crossword puzzles together. It’s such a little thing but we so enjoyed each other’s company that it is a lovely memory. Maybe there’s a place that means a lot to you, and if so you may consider revisiting it this Valentine’s Day!

How do you keep your Valentine’s Day zero waste?

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