Winter Garden 2020: Last Update

As always, things didn’t go entirely as planned with our winter garden plants. However, we were able to harvest a few things through the winter. Read along below to find out what worked, what didn’t, and what we’ll grow again!

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Biggest Success

The best result was probably our brussels sprouts. In fact, we gave some away as we had too many! I used five or six stalks for soup through the winter and could tell that their flavour improved after the weather turned cold. I actually thought they made a beautiful feature in my garden through the cold months and hadn’t wanted to cut them all, so there are still a couple outside that have now bolted. We’ll definitely be growing more this year!

Late Bloomer

All winter our broccoli looked green and healthy but didn’t produce any florets. Over the last few weeks we’ve noticed a burst of growth and now there are florets appearing! I had thought that the broccoli would ripen over the winter but I’m happy to have early spring vegetables instead.

Continuing Experiment

Last year we bought Honeyberry (or Haskap) bushes in hopes of having an earlier start to our berry season – these are supposed to ripen in late spring, a few weeks before strawberries. I noticed buds on them right before a snowfall and was worried that the cold temperatures would kill the flowers, but they seem to be going full steam ahead! These plants are supposed to thrive in colder temperatures and they seem to be growing well despite the cool winter and spring we’re having this year.

Other exciting things

  • Garlic is growing fast though it seems like our regular skunk visitor has been digging around some of the garlic plants!
  • Rhubarb is coming up…and
  • The pear tree and trillium are flowering!

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    • A Sustainably Simple Life

      Thanks Lisa! We’re always so excited to see the Trillium blooming. Your garden updates are always amazing, so I’ll look forward to seeing Trillium in one one day πŸ™‚

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