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What is Veganuary and 3 Easy Ways to Participate

Since I’ve been vegan for almost 20 years, I’m a little surprised at how I’ve not written very much about Veganuary for our blog. Since Veganuary 2024 is right around the corner, this seems like a good time to change that!

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What is Veganuary?

I look at Veganuary much like the way I do Plastic Free July. It’s an online challenge encouraging people to try something different for their lives for one month–in this case, going vegan. Veganuary is actually a registered charity in the UK, but much like Plastic Free July, it’s an online movement that has grown exponentially over the years.

Veganuary is a month where hundreds of thousands of people sign up and give being vegan a try for the month of January. In 2023, more than 700,000 people signed up! You can either officially sign up or just follow along online–or simply just make it a personal challenge.

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3 Easy Ways to Participate in Veganuary

If you’re thinking about giving Veganuary a try, here are three easy ways to participate:

1. Sign up

Sign up on Veganuary website and receive their cookbook, meal plans, and advice. Going vegan doesn’t just mean cutting out meat, dairy, and eggs; it means making healthy substitutions for those things too, so helpful nutritional advice is important.

Sign up for those emails here:

2. Watch some docs

Watch some documentaries and get some more knowledge about the whole vegan thing. Veganuary has a short documentary on their website here: Another one to try is The Game Changers on Netflix.

Sometimes vegan documentaries can be hard to watch, but I challenge you to think through the reasons why they are hard to watch. And as you do, decide if that means changes need to happen with aspects of your life.

3. Make meals fun!

Meal plan some fun recipes, make some dates at popular vegan restaurants, and make the month enjoyable. There is SO MUCH good vegan food out there. And despite what a lot of people think, it’s actually really easy to make wholesome vegan food at home. Veganuary is a great chance to get out and support some small businesses too, though, so treat yourself to a vegan dinner out at a popular local spot if you can!


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Veganuary 2024

Have you ever thought about participating in Veganuary? What are your thoughts about joining in this year?

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