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Tips for Starting Your Successful Zero-Waste Lifestyle

The idea of zero waste living can feel overwhelming.

A part of the reason we started our blog was to show how practical and natural living sustainably can actually be. Thinking of a zero-waste lifestyle, going fully vegan, or eliminating all single use plastics can feel so daunting that we might give up before even starting.

But it really can be easy if taken step-by-step. This is why I wanted to highlight some easy habits for living sustainably that can also save you time and money. Each one is a great place to start your journey.

Habits to Start Your Zero-Waste Living

Here are some easy habits you can implement to reduce your waste, help save the planet, and also save yourself some money. I’ve also linked some of our blog posts that have more details for each point if you want to read more details.

3 habits that can save you money:

3 habits that can save you time and energy:

3 habits that are an easy place to start:

  • Reusable to-go items, such as water bottles and bags;
  • Using cloth to replace paper towels and napkins;
  • Hang drying your clothes.

My sustainable lifestyle is greatly influenced by the beauty of my surroundings in the Pacific Northwest. It’s a way of life that feels natural now, but that is because I’ve been making small continual changes over a number of years.

And I’m still learning! It’s so important to remember this is a journey and we’re all doing what we can when we can.

The goal is not to be perfect, but to make small consistent changes that make a difference.

What are your favourite (and easy) zero-waste lifestyle tips?


  • Liz

    You’re right, it all starts with the small acts. For some years now, I’ve gone on to refuse using plastic or any bag (even if it’s a brown paperbag) when I buy only 1 or 2 items at the store. If I have a bag, I use my bag and if not, as long as I can hand carry the stuff, I do. Also I bring a reusable water bottle with me now and no longer use plastic straws. I also have switched from liquid shampoo to shampoo bars. And most recently, I’ve switched disposable sanitary napkins to cloth pads since I’m just home most of the time.

    • A Sustainably Simple Life

      That’s amazing you’ve made all these changes! I love that you go that extra step to decline a bag all together and hand carry out your items. Going those extra steps can make such a difference. I’ve switched to shampoo bars and cloth pads this year too and love them so much more than what I was using before.

  • Ruth graham

    Love these ideas. Sustainability for the environment and out finances are so important. Thanks for sharing these ideas.

  • Lisa's Notebook

    Yes, recycling, upcycling, planning ahead, they’re all easy ways to make a start on zero waste although I don’t think I’m going to be able to claim zero waste status for a long time to come, unfortunately. Baby steps though!

    • A Sustainably Simple Life

      I feel zero-waste is a ways off for a lot of us, but like you say, baby steps! Each small steps makes a difference 🙂

  • Mary

    I can’t even imagine how much money (and plastic!) on bottled water I’ve saved over the years with my S’Well water bottle. Thanks for the easy tips on a zero waste lifestyle!

  • katejones73

    I think it’s really important to draw attention to the small, every day things we can do towards making more sustainable changes. As you say, approaching a zero waste lifestyle can seem too daunting all at once! Thanks for some great, simple ideas : )

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