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Sustainable Small Business to Know About in Canada and Beyond

This year we’ve been discovering a number of amazing small businesses within Canada and around the world. We’ve been sharing our love of small businesses this month because it is so important to be supporting these all the time, but especially at THIS time.

We’ve shared some businesses that are in our neighbourhoods, but we also have small businesses in other areas that we love. The great thing about the majority of the small businesses we have shared is that you can shop online with them. So, before you check Amazon, check out one of these businesses first!



Located in: Victoria, BC
Shop here:
Follow on Instagram: @abeego

What this business is all about:

Abeego food wraps are a natural food wrap, giving a reusable alternative to plastic wrap. The wraps are all natural and allow for breathability while still providing a protective layer. Because of this, Abeego food wraps are able to extend the life of food. Abeego gifted us a variety of sizes of their food wraps earlier this year to try out and we love them!

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Blushing Bluebird Essentials

Located in: Courtenay, BC
Shop here:
Follow on Instagram: @bluebirdpads

What this business is all about:

Blushing Bluebird Essentials makes reusable cloth pads as a more sustainable option for women. Period waste is a huge issue for our environment with a woman using on average 10,944 sanitary pads in her lifetime, each of which take from 500-800 years to decompose. We were gifted some Bluebird pads to try out earlier this year and I have since purchased a number more because I loved them so much. These reusable pads are ethically made on Vancouver Island, BC using local sewists and eco-friendly dyes and fabrics.

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Located in: Dartmouth, Nova Scotia
Shop here:
Follow on Instagram: @fairechild

What this business is all about:

Sustainable children’s wear brand, fairechild, was one of the clothing brands featured in our sustainable fashion series this year. We love their commitment to ethical production and their careful selection of sources and materials. One of fairechild’s goals is to create a product that is kind to the planet while being extremely functional. We think they’re extremely cute and practical too!

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LEZÉ the Label

Located in: Vancouver, BC
Shop here:
Follow on Instagram: @lezethelabel

What this business is all about:

We featured LEZÉ the Label in our sustainable fashion series earlier this year. Founded by two women, this Canadian company aims to make versatile workwear that is as comfortable as pajamas. Not only are their pieces gorgeous and comfortable, but they are also sustainable, keeping everything from coffee grounds to fishing nets out of the landfill.

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Leze the Label
LEZÉ the Label

To Dye For

Located in: North Shuswap, BC
Shop here:
Follow on Instagram: @todyeforartists

What this business is all about:

To Dye For is a little tie dye shop with all creations made by Jade. Small batch, artisan products are generally the more sustainable fashion option, but what makes Jade even more special is that she has reworked & repurposed pieces. These are quality, second-hand items that Jade recreates with tie dye designs. Jade also has a number of bamboo items, which is a more sustainable material.


Elk and Ina

Located in: Brisbane, Australia
Shop here:
Follow on Instagram: @elkandina

What this business is all about:

Elk and Ina is a brand all about creative clothing for creative women. This is a true slow fashion brand with Kristina making each piece by hand and even hand painting some of the fabric. I love that each item is like a unique piece of art! Small batch, hand made fashion is a fantastic alternative to fast fashion and is the more sustainable option for a clothing purchase.

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Elk and Ina
Elk and Ina

United Kingdom

Airbrushed Apparel

Located in: London, England
Shop here:
Follow on Instagram: @airbrushedapparel

What this business is all about:

We fell in love with Airbrushed Apparel not only because of their classic product (that comes in amazing colours!), but also because of what they stand for. They are taking a sustainable approach to fashion and are using plastic from the ocean in their materials. AND they refuse to airbrush their models because skin is beautiful as is. These are values we can get behind!

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Gemma Leakey

Located in: Worcestershire, England
Learn more here:
Follow on Instagram: @gemmaleakey

What this business is all about:

Gemma Leakey designs and handcrafts wedding dresses. She takes amazing care in choosing fabrics and detailing, paying attention to how she can make more sustainable choices by what she uses. From fabrics to trim to even the tags and packaging, she’s thinking through what the best choices are. Each gown is individually made to order by Gemma, which makes your wedding dress one of a kind.

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United States

Akinda Co.

Located in: California, USA
Shop here:
Follow on Instagram:

What this business is all about:

Not only is Akinda Co focusing on sustainability and fabrics that will biodegrade, but they are paying close attention to their supply chain. Akinda has actually gone to the factory where her clothes are made to meet the workers. So when she is asked “Who made my clothes?” she can confidently answer the question. We fell in love with Akinda’s style because of the classic and versatile look of her suits. They are something that can stand the test of time and be taken on any of life’s journeys.

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Beach Eclectic

Located in: Arizona, USA
Shop here:
Follow on Instagram: @beacheclectic

What this business is all about:

Plastic straws are a huge problem, this is no surprise anymore. Thankfully, there are options like Beach Eclectic that create sustainable alternatives to plastic straws. Jami creates and hand paints the most beautiful and adorable charms to adorn her reusable straws. She also has reusable chop sticks and stemless glass charms too.

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What small businesses do you love? Share them with us in the comments!


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