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There are so many great voices out there writing sustainable content, so I wanted to share a few things I’ve been reading lately. From talking about climate activists to talking about small steps we can take at home, there is a variety of topics to read through. Some of these writers are ones I’ve been reading for ages and some are new to me. I hope you find some things you enjoy!

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Sustainable Content from Around the Web

Here are four of the posts I’ve been reading recently and enjoying:

1. Indigenous Youth Climate Activists You Need To Follow by Transatlantic Notes

With so many protected areas in Canada threatened by things like deforestation and oil pipelines, I’m always grateful for activists who are putting themselves out there on the front line and who are using their voices to fight for change.

Molly’s posts are always insightful and informative and this one is no different. Check out her post to learn more about Indigenous climate activists that are making a difference.

Read the post here:

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2. 4 Easy Ways to Reduce Food Waste by The Family Cookbook

Reducing food waste is a really important topic to me. We’ve talked on our blog about how over 50% of food in Canada is wasted. That’s shocking to me. Not only could that food go to feed people in need, but the waste also contributes to climate change.

Reducing personal food waste can also help stretch your grocery budget, which is so valuable when costs are skyrocketing. These are just a few reasons why we love hearing what people have to say on the topic.

Check out this post from The Family Cookbook for some inspiration for reducing food waste.

Read the post here:

One of my favourite ways to reduce food waste and get more out of my veggies is to make soup broth. Check out how I do it here: Easy Vegetable Broth

3. Why Regenerative is a Better Business Goal than Sustainable by Quartz

Quartz has an interesting discussion centered around the focus of regenerative versus sustainable practices for businesses.

To “sustain” suggests we benchmark where we are and keep things at that level, says Rodrigues. But solving the planet’s real and pressing issues won’t be achieved by sustaining anything, he says. Rather, it requires a whole new approach.

Read the post here:

4. How to Get Rid of your Old and Unused Toiletries by Love Em

I’m a huge fan of reusing and repurposing things, so thought this list from Love, Em was brilliant! Toiletries can be a challenging item to dispose of or pass on, so this list is a great one for inspiration. Em has some great suggestions on what to do with toiletries you no longer want to hold onto.

Read the post here:

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Learn how to make your own deodorant here: Sustainable DIY Deodorant

5. How to Help Your Kids Get the Most out of Earth Day by In Full Flavour

In the spirit of “every day is Earth Day,” I came across this post about great ways to get kids involved in celebrating Earth Day. Worth bookmarking for next year or even using these ideas year round to encourage an environmental mindset.

Read the post here:

Climate Change Collective sustainable content
Photo Credit: Michelle at Boomer Eco Crusader

Climate Change Collective Post Round-Up

In August, the Climate Change Collective was launched! We are a group of bloggers committed to raising awareness on climate change with a monthly blogging series. 

Check out the first round of posts here:

1. Welcome to the Climate Change Collective by Boomer Eco Crusader

Michelle kicks off our Climate Change Collective series with a look at how climate change effects not only our every day life, but also our future retirement. As someone who has worked in the retirement business, Michelle has a unique perspective and insight into the realities of how climate change will impact this time in our lives.

Read the post here:

2. Creating Action: Building A Collective Climate Response by Transatlantic Notes

Molly reflects on how climate change will impact her retirement and also shares practical actions that we can take in our lives.

Read the post here:

3. Global Warming Affects Our Lives—Fact! by Jamie Ad Stories

Jamie shares his experience and perspective on how climate change will directly affect his geographic area, which is an idea we each could benefit from reflecting on.

Read the post here:

4. New Climate Change Blogging Series by Smelly Socks and Garden Peas

Smelly Socks and Garden Peas gives introduction to our Climate Change Collective series.

Read the post here:

5. Climate Change Collective: What you can do! by A Sustainably Simple Life

In our blog’s contribution, Krista speaks on her personal experience and also highlights a number of actions we can each take for different areas of our lives.

Read the post here:

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