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Small Business Feature: Epicure with Christy Eldred

This past week we’ve shared reasons for shopping at small and local businesses as well profiles of a few of our favourite shops in the beautiful Tri-Cities area just outside of Vancouver, BC.  Our hope is to highlight what great products and services are available from inspiring local entrepreneurs who truly value our support.  Today Alison and I are profiling one of our favourite entrepreneurs, Epicure consultant Christy Eldred!  

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Keep reading to learn about how you can save 10% off your order with Christy Eldred, Epicure Consultant!

When you order from an Epicure consultant, you’re directly supporting individuals (and their families!) in your community.  I have been amazed at the amount of work and passion that Christy puts in to share knowledge, tips and tricks, and promotions, as well as how much time she takes to assist when we approach her with our ideas.  

For example, when I wanted to host a freezer meal party to prepare some meals before having a baby, Christy created a menu that would work with the dietary requirements in our group, created labels for the freezer storage bags, and provided the recipes for us to follow when preparing the food to be frozen.  My little girl surprised us all and arrived the night of the party, but I used all of the ingredients I had purchased to prepare meals in the first weeks at home with two little ones!

Some Facts About Epicure

Epicure was founded in 1997 in Victoria, BC by entrepreneur and mother Sylvie Rochette to share her quick and healthy meal solutions with other families.  

Our mission is to put good food, made with real ingredients, on everyone’s table—because we all deserve to eat better and live healthy lives.

One of Epicure’s key principles is their commitment to natural and whole foods. I felt like I’d discovered a gold mine when, while pregnant, I had concerns about various additives in foods such as MSG and realized that Epicure products were free of all of the ingredients I was concerned about.

Epicure’s Never Ever List

My Favourite Products

I can speak from experience when I say that Epicure products do what they claim and that is to get healthy meals on the table quickly! And that helps to streamline busy evenings.  Most meals I’ve tried (except if you’re planning for a long cooking time using a slow-cooker) are on the table in about 30 minutes. True story: I made Epicure pulled chicken nachos while I was in labour!

Vegetable broth: I use it in everything!

Pesto: I use this to make pesto roasted chicken, pesto base for pizza or calzones, add to tomato soup as a seasoning, and for pasta using the recipe on the jar – lots of uses for this one!

Pulled pork (or jackfruit): I make a big batch then portion out and freeze. It’s very useful for quick burritos, pulled pork sandwiches or on pizza. Also check out the pulled chicken mix!

Silicone cookware: I love my sheet pan liner and muffin maker!

And two of Alison’s favourite items that work great with tofu:

Southern Baked Gluten Free Crumb Mix: Bake tofu (or your protein of choice) with roasted veggies as a sheet pan meal on the silicone mat for a quick and easy meal.

Thai Red Curry: This is a quick and easy dish that you can customize each time with different veggies and protein.

Conscious Gifting

When Alison and I were brainstorming what we could share around this time of year for environment-conscious, cost-conscious and low waste gifts, all I could think of was “please can’t somebody just cook for me!”  And Epicure basically is that! In fact, one of the most amazing, stress relieving gifts I’ve ever had was a freezer full of prepared meals. So if you have anyone in your life that could benefit from less time spent in the kitchen, then your gift hunt may be over!

So if you haven’t before, check out these great products and support a passionate local entrepreneur! Christy has generously offered to provide 10% off for anyone purchasing directly through her with our exclusive promo code SSLDEC7 (expires Dec 7, 2020).

Get 10% off your Epicure order!

To take advantage of this offer, contact Christy directly with your order and reference Discount Code: SSLDEC7. This offer is for new and old clients as well as anyone in Canada and the USA. Hurry, because this Epicure discount expires December 7th, 2020! Please note, this discount is exclusively offered through Christy Eldred and not any other consultant. See her contact details below.

Contact Information:
Text/phone: 604-865-1130
Follow on Instagram: @epicure_with_christy
Get updates on Facebook: Christy Eldred Epicure
Shop Christy’s Epicure website: Christy Eldred, Epicure


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