Simple and Easy Homemade Snacks: Two quick recipes
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Simple and easy homemade snacks: 2 quick recipes

If you’re anything like me, soaring grocery prices are currently being pitted against the desire to eat whole and nutritious foods. It’s definitely a thing for me at this point to read through labels in order to find the least bad food that will still fit within my budget. Previously I might simply have allocated some grocery budget to an organic or premium option, but things are adding up much too fast these days!

One of the ways I’ve been working to address this struggle is to make more things from scratch, including homemade snacks. I hear you, time is also a precious commodity, but I’ve found some recipes that seem to be keeping the budget at a reasonable level while not taking too much of my limited time!

As an added bonus, these snack items won’t have individual packaging like store-bought items so often do – so going homemade for snacks is also a great daily waste reducer!

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Crackers are one of those things that my kids love, but I struggle to find ones that are affordable and reasonably healthy. However, just the other day I came across the recipe for this really simple crackers that pack a healthy punch: Endurance Crackers.

homemade snack

After a trip to my local grocery store bulk aisle to buy ingredients, my daughter helped me measure out the (very simple) ingredients, then pat the mixture onto a baking sheet. The crackers take about an hour to bake at a low temperature, but the hands-on part of the process was only a few minutes.

Then wait until they cool and break them up for storage in jars…though they probably won’t last very long!

Homemade snack

Energy Balls

We also love granola bars in our house, but were spending about $12 of the $100 or so per week grocery budget on them. I haven’t costed this recipe yet, but sourcing the ingredients for this homemade snack at my local Bulk Barn seems to bring a batch of these (which I make into 18 servings) in at less than that.

They have more protein and fibre than the granola bars we had been buying, and don’t come in plastic packaging! In terms of preparation time I had a batch together and in the freezer within 15 or 20 minutes, though this recipe does require a food processer. This is another one the kids love to help with! To make these school-friendly, I use pumpkin or sunflower seed butter rather than almond or peanut butter.

Other Snack Ideas

We’ve posted previously about other budget-friendly homemade snack ideas here!

Snacks to use up over-ripe bananas

Yogurt bran muffins

What are your go-to snacks?

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