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Secondhand Furniture Tour and a DIY Furniture Transformation


If you’ve been reading our blog for some time, you’ll know we’re big fans of DIY furniture and love a good before and after – on a budget, of course! In this season of being indoors, maybe you’re feeling like some of your home decor or furnishings could use a refresh. We’ve pulled together some inspiration from our homes to share, and hope that you will be inspired to share your projects with us!

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DIY and Secondhand Furniture: House Tour

Window Picture Frame

This window was actually removed from our house like this: paint colour and all! I have yet to source some backing material and print some photos to go in it, but in the end this will be a large picture frame that greets everyone who comes in our front door.

DIY furniture

Coat Hooks

Our mudroom was truly on a budget and as DIY as it could get as we were completing the project while I was on maternity leave and cashflows were a bit low at the time. For our storage, we re-used items that had been in our house when we purchased it. The coat hooks were remnants from various projects and found around the house, and the planks that they were mounted to were the old workbench from our basement that had been sanded and refinished.

DIY furniture

Entryway Table

Our entry table, complete with two mini junk-drawers (does everyone have these catch-all drawers somewhere in their house?) was from an old farmhouse my family had rented about 20 years ago. It had been painted a terrible faux finish green, but I loved the shape and little drawers. I asked if I could take it when we moved out and the owners were happy to see it go – and all these years later I still have it and love it!

I painted it grey using Annie Sloan chalk paint and there is now a piece of glass on top as the table top is a bit wonky. It’s needed repairs over the years and definitely needs a chalk paint refresh, but I still love it!

DIY furniture

Dining Table and Chairs

When my husband and I were first married, we paid way too much for a new table and chairs that didn’t hold up well and we didn’t like in the end, and so our love of thrifty second-hand furniture was born! Our current table was a freebie from Marketplace and had some damage, but I gave it a fill and a sand, and (of course) a coat of chalk paint so that the damage isn’t really noticeable. The chairs are from another set: my husband had sanded and refinished these and I recovered them. They’re due for another recovering, but they’ve held up well!

DIY furniture

Pendant Lights

We live in an area that, in recent history, was a farming community and so when we were renovating our house and looking around the local second-hand stores, we found these lights that had been recovered from a barn. My husband was able to re-wire them and I think they’re fantastic!

DIY furniture

DIY Furniture: Rolling Island Makeover

We had searched a few places for a kitchen island, but they all seemed to be $150 or more and not as well-made as we would have liked given the price.  So instead we turned to our old stand-by: Craigslist!  We found this heavy, rolling metal cart for $35. 

Furniture DIY

Additional materials needed included a few cans of rust paint (about $8 each) and two grinder wheels for the angle grinder (about $10 each). 

You can see in the picture of the top of the cart there is a shiny line of metal from the grinder – it’s necessary to remove the rust before painting.  If the rust isn’t removed the paint will bubble up in the future as the rusting process continues underneath the paint.

Add a few baskets and the rolling kitchen island is complete!

DIY Furniture: More Inspiration

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Do you have any DIY refinished furniture or fantastic secondhand finds in your home?

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