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Introducing Scoria World’s Ethically Made & Sustainable Meditation Cushions

|Ad| Small businesses are something we love, so seeing small businesses grow and evolve is always an exciting thing for us. We recently learned about Scoria World’s newest product line–their ethically made and sustainable meditation cushions–and are so happy to support them in introducing these to you!

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Scoria Sustainable Meditation Cushion, bolster and cork yoga mat

Who is Scoria World?

Scoria World is a small Canadian business that was founded in 2017 by Yara Kamal after she went on a journey of self-discovery and began researching ways “to reconnect again with childlike behaviours of being playful, having an active imagination, and appreciation for storytelling as a grown-up.”

When sharing about Haumana Energy Bars, I mentioned how we like to connect with companies that share our values. This is one of the stand out things about Scoria for me as they combine an awareness of sustainability, of both mental and physical health, and of giving back to the community.

The products Scoria has are not only ethically made and sustainable, but are also giving back to communities. Scoria gives back every time someone makes a purchase. In previous years, over 151,000 meals have been donated to people in need and currently a portion of proceeds go to supporting life skills education for Indigenous youth.

At Scoria, we believe in celebrating being human; allowing space for natural expression, and celebrating our quirks.  We also believe in being kind to not just others but earth as well, sustainability is at the core of everything that we do. We continue to create mostly natural products that are safe for earth through being either biodegradable, recycled or with a focus on minimalism in the use of energy and waste.

The Story of Scoria

Scoria World Products I Love

I discovered Scoria World when I was searching out a more sustainable yoga mat. I currently own and regularly use one of Scoria’s cork yoga mats and cork yoga blocks. I’ve been using them almost daily for a year now and they still look like new!

You can read the full review of my cork yoga mat here: How Good are Cork Yoga Mats? A Scoria World Review.

Scoria World’s Sustainable Meditation Cushions

Scoria’s newest product line belongs to their meditation collection, which includes sustainable meditation cushions, meditation mats, and yoga bolsters. Just like their cork yoga mats, the mediation collection is sustainable.

Scoria’s meditation Collection is:

  • GOTS certified (fair trade & organic process)
  • made with non-toxic fabrics & dyes
  • shipped in plastic free packaging
  • made with a removable cover & inner casing for easy cleaning
  • ethically made 

What does it mean to be GOTS certified?

Global Organic Textile Standard is a certification that looks at various elements including environmental and social factors. The goal is to ensure that the entire creation of an organic textile–from harvesting to manufacturing–is held to a certain standard.

GOTS is recognized as the world’s leading processing standard for textiles made from organic fibers. It defines high-level environmental criteria along the entire organic textiles supply chain and requires compliance with social criteria as well.” –

Scoria’s sustainable meditation cushions and the rest of their meditation line are manufactured in a GOTS certified factory in India that pays fair wages to the employees. All of the meditation line features can be found here: Meditation Line Features.

Types of Sustainable Meditation Cushions

Scoria’s line of sustainable mediation cushions has a variety of styles to choose. The different styles allow for the right comfort fit for your body.

The styles of sustainable meditation cushions available are:

  1. Round Cushions, which help elevate the pelvis to keep the spine straight.
  2. Pleated Cushions, which allow for an expanded seating area while helping to tilt the pelvis forward to keep the spine straight.
  3. Crescent Cushions, which allow for support through the hips.
  4. Zabutons, which are a cushioned mat to provide extra comfort.

Shop these styles here: Scoria’s Meditation Collection

Woman sitting on sustainable meditation cushion

How Mindfulness Connects to Sustainability

Sustainability and green living touch on every area of our lives. Our conscious decisions in each area multiply to have an even bigger impact. I’m a big advocate for self-care and for taking the time to ensure we have the stores of energy that we need to face whatever the day has to throw at us.

When I wrote about sustainable self care, the importance of it, and what it can look like, I emphasized that self care doesn’t need to include purchases, but if it does, then looking for sustainable products from small businesses is a great way to weave sustainability through your self care practices.

Read the full post here: What is Sustainable Self Care

Save 10% on Scoria Products

If you’re interested in getting your own sustainable meditation cushion or any of Scoria’s products, you can save 10% with our discount code!

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