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Fun and Frugal Science Activities for Kids

It can be difficult to discuss topics such as our environment with kids – the concepts are so large that they can be difficult to bring into a child’s scope. However, easy science experiments are a great way to introduce and explain some of these concepts in an accessible way!

Not to mention, they’re also a fun and budget-friendly activity if for some reason you’re needing some engaging indoor activities to fill the time.

It’s also amazing to find opportunities to foster a love for learning in children and interactive science activities that fuel their natural curiosity are a great way to do it!

In this blog post, I’ll explore a variety of exciting and educational science activities that you can do at home with items you probably already have on hand!

Growing rock candy!
  1. Rainbow in a Jar: Start by introducing the concept of density to kids with the classic Rainbow in a Jar experiment. Using common kitchen ingredients like honey, corn syrup, dish soap, water, vegetable oil, and food coloring, children can create beautiful layered rainbows in a glass jar while learning about the different densities of liquids. This could lead to a discussion around the impact of oil spills in the environment.
  2. DIY Volcano Eruption:Using baking soda, vinegar, and a little creativity, kids can witness a bubbling eruption that demonstrates the chemical reaction between an acid (vinegar) and a base (baking soda). This experiment can be used to understand changing environments and how mixing and adding materials to the environment can create change.
  3. Growing Crystals: Unleash the budding scientist in your child by growing crystals at home. This hands-on activity not only teaches them about the science of crystal formation but also yields stunning (and delicious!) results. Follow the instructions here to grow your own rock candy!
  4. Solar Oven S’mores: Combine the joy of cooking with the wonders of solar energy by building a simple solar oven. Kids can harness the power of the sun to melt marshmallows and chocolate for delicious solar oven s’mores!This activity introduces them to the concept of renewable energy in a tasty and enjoyable way.
  5. Invisible Ink Messages: Uncover the secrets of invisible ink with a fun and mysterious activity. Using lemon juice as ink, kids can write messages that become visible when exposed to heat or other substances. This experiment introduces the concept of chemical reactions and the hidden science behind spy-like communication.
  6. Make your own paper using the instructions found here. Create an eco-friendly gift by recycling used paper products and including seeds to make your own seed paper!
Making our own colourful paper!

Encouraging a love for science in children doesn’t have to be a daunting task. By incorporating these hands-on and entertaining activities into their routine, you can spark their curiosity and lay the foundation for understanding the world around us.

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Do you have any favourite science activities for kids?

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