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Project DIY: Multi-Coloured Stools

We love a good DIY project! Not only is it fun to give new life to old things, it is a great way to keep items out of the landfill. Part of a sustainability mindset is finding ways to use what we already have and therefore purchase less.

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The DIY Project: Brightening up some dated wooden stools

What’s one to do with left-over paint? Paint more furniture, of course! I loved the colour combination of coral and pewter grey that I saw together from two previous projects, so I decided to combine the remaining paint to update these wooden stools .

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Coral Lamp and Grey Cabinet providing inspiration.

Why I Love It

I loved these stools because they were in excellent condition. They are a solid and sturdy pair.

The Plan

My plan for these stools was to get creative and use up my paint from previous projects. My vision was to have an alternating colour scheme for each part of the stool.

Supplies List

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The Process

This project took a lot of painter’s tape and a lot of patience as I painted piece by piece. I sealed off each part of the stool as I painted one colour. This project took three coats of paint to achieve the desired look.

The final stage was to seal the paint. As these stools would be used regularly, I sealed the seats with Modge Podge instead of simply using wax. I felt the surface would be more durable this way.

The Finished Product

The finished product was fun and cheerful–though I might be a biased opinion!

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Dull and tired looking stools just waiting to be updated!
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A work in progress

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