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Project DIY: Glass Bottle Project

We love a good DIY project! Not only is it fun to give new life to old things, it is a great way to keep items out of the landfill. Part of a sustainability mindset is finding ways to use what we already have and therefore purchase less.

The DIY Project: Transforming plain glass bottles into home decor items

Why I Love It

I loved the shape and colour of these bottles. I found them for free at a salvaged yard and took them to challenge myself to get creative. I didn’t have a plan when I took them, but they were such substantial, solid pieces that I was confident they could be transformed into something special.

The Plan

I decided to transform these into nautical themed bottles with some rope.

Supplies List

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The Process

I had the vision in my mind of what I wanted, but had no clue how to achieve it! I didn’t even know what to call this project, but after some old fashioned Google detective work, I came upon tutorials like this one at Cameo Cottage Designs which walked me through the process of tying the rope.

The process involved a lot of hot glue and a lot of patience with tying the knots. For the most basic bottle, I simply glued the rope as I wound it around the bottle. As I learned the process of tying the knots, I found that doing half of the bottle with the fishnet knots and winding the rope around the bottom half was a forgiving way to hide my miscalculation of measuring the rope.

The Finished Product

I wanted variety with the bottles, so I combined a couple of methods to create three distinct, but matching, bottles.

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