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#MoneyMasterClass – Week 5 Recap

This week was a chance to catch up on January’s tasks and to reflect on our core values.

Gail started the week with a reminder about what to think on when setting goals.


Next, it was a chance to review our core values. I don’t think I spend enough time focusing on things like this, so I’m grateful for these opportunities to stop and reflect. I have not yet found a place for my core values to be front and centre. I might make a list to place on my wall, but for the time being their written out in a notebook that I have nearby.


Next task: write a list of small things that bring you great pleasure.

Gail wrote about how important it is to find ways to have fun even when you’re in debt. Debt fatigue is a real thing. If someone is spending 5+ years paying debt back and not spending any money on having a little bit of fun, burn out will likely happen. This doesn’t mean go overboard with spending, but find small things that bring joy.


If you have the time, there are two tweets from this week that I recommend reading through the comments on. They are both incredibly uplifting and are filled with helpful thoughts and suggestions.

The first tweet is about small, budget friendly pleasures. See what other participants are doing here.

The second tweet is about “glimmers” or those things that bring joy and peace to your day. See the list of glimmers that everyone shared here.

Do you have anything to add to the lists? What are your budget friendly activities? What about your glimmers?

New to the Money Master Class? There’s still time to get started!
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