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#MoneyMasterClass – Week 1 Recap

Gail Vaz Oxlade’s #MoneyMasterClass is underway on Twitter! 

Week 1 has been about self-reflection and getting to know ourselves a little bit better. Laying that foundation will help to build a better base to form our financial future.

Day 1 – Core Values


This felt like such a daunting task, but was so rewarding to do. I often stand firm on a lot of aspects of my life, and was able to trace those “non-negotiable” things to their roots in my core values. For example, I’m passionate about living within my means and budgeting because I value financial independence. And I prioritize walks on my lunch breaks and carve out rest days in my week because I value self care.


Day 2 – Goals


Day 2 was a chance to dream big and get practical at the same time. The task was to “list all the things you want or need to do in the next few years” and then to prioritize them in groups. My list will be a work in progress, but seeing the tasks laid out  motivated me to start working towards them.

Day 3 – Reconcile


After the hard work for Day 1 and Day 2, it was now time to see if our values and goals lined up. This is a task that will take time–each of them will. I am keeping in mind that these lists are ones that can grow and change as often as I need them to.

How do you figure out if your core values and goals conflict with each other? Try asking yourself some questions.

One participant suggests writing your conflict down as a question to gain more insight. I also like the idea of starting with the question why.
Question: Why is my goal to build a retirement savings account?
Answer: Because I value financial independence.

And now that Week 1 is over, we have time to rest and reflect on our goals and values. Gail will be back on Monday with more tasks and challenges!

Have you been participating in the #MoneyMasterClass this week? How have you found the tasks and assignments so far?

What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments!