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#MoneyMasterClass Recap — Week 9

This week felt like a bit of a breather as our tasks were repeats of previous weeks.

Task #1

Gail followed this up with other tweets this week, reminding us that anything that still has its original tags or original packaging is probably something we don’t need to keep. The options for these items were to put them in our “gift closet” or to give them away.

Check out this link that Gail shared regarding stuff:  Death and Minimalism Video

Task #2

I feel a little horrible about it, but I keep forgetting to write in the gratitude journal. It isn’t because I don’t have things to be grateful for, but because I haven’t made it a habit. I was grateful that Gail said to commit to at least once a week because that feels more attainable for me than a daily commitment.

Check out this link that Gail shared regarding gratitude:  Skeptic’s Guide to Gratitude Article

Catching Up

Even though I’m writing things down every week, I found myself losing track of what I’m doing with my notebooks and other supplies, so here’s a quick list of all the things we’ve tackled so far this year…

  1. Write out your Core Values on a sheet/poster displayed where you can see it.
  2. List of your goals and things you want to accomplish written out in groups by priority.
  3. Notebook #1 = Spending Journal, currently used to track all food related spending.
    –>The flip side of Notebook #1 is the Savings Journal to record all food related savings (ie/coupons, sale prices, any discounts received)
  4. Notebook #2 = Me & My Money notebook. Page 1 is a list of all current debt. Further information noted is minimum payments and lengths of time it will take to pay off debt.
    –>The flip side of  the Me & My Money notebook is the Gratitude Journal. Commit time at least once per week to write down things you are grateful for.
    –>The center of the Me & My Money notebook is labelled My Shopping List. Here list all of the things you want and need to purchase.
  5. Create a visible representation of your debt, such as a paper chain of links or a tree with leaves with each link/leaf equaling $100 owing.
  6. Create a credit card condom to practice safe shopping.
  7. Take the month at a glance Calendar and shade in any day that you shop.
  8. Take inventory of your stuff, list number of items and approximate value.
  9. List your subscriptions and cancel any you no longer use.
  10. Jar #1 = Found Money jar. Sell any unwanted items and put the money in the jar. Do not spend this money.
  11. Look outside yourself to find ways to help and uplift others.
  12. Practice postponing buying an item for 24 hours. Write in your journal how you feel about this.
  13. Calculate your transportation costs. What will you do if they are over 15% of your budget?
  14. Fill a box with items to donate. Repeat this task multiple times.
  15. Put a moratorium on shopping for something until you have used up 40% of what you have of that item.
  16. Make a net worth statement.

Whew! That’s a lot! I’ve definitely let a few of these things fall to the wayside–the gratitude journal and taking inventory are two of those. The one thing that has been sticking with me the most is the need to examine my spending and see where it lines up with my core values.

How are you doing after seeing this list? Are there any areas you’re having trouble staying on top of? What’s been the most helpful thing for you so far this year?

Gail started the week with this tweet, but I wanted to end with it. I constantly need the reminder that change isn’t possible with comfort and complacency. It is the discomfort, the failure, the uphill battles that teach us new skills and new perspectives. It takes time and effort, but good things often do.

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