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#MoneyMasterClass Recap-Week 40

This week Gail bestowed on us a lot of her solid life advice. Everything from the choices we make to the failures we experience.


Everything in life has a cost. Making more money can cost us free time. More free time can cost us money in loss of wages. But knowing this can empower us to make choices than line up with our values.

What do you Really Want?

Being aware of our values allows us to make choices that are in line with what we really want.

Don’t Give Up

Failure vs. Opportunity

This is one of my favourite tidbits from this week:

“If you let what went wrong define you, where will you get the energy, motivation, courage to try again?”

Reaching Your Goals

These weren’t specifically tagged #MoneyMasterClass, but Gail’s advice is always worth sharing.

Perspective and Gratitude

Gail has reminded us a number of times this year about the importance of gratitude and she ended this week on the topic.

A Couple Reminders

Two reminders from Gail this week: 1) it’s a new month so our “payment” as a thank you to Gail is a donation, and 2) Gail is still taking questions from participants for next month.

What advice from Gail stood out to you this week?

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