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#MoneyMasterClass Recap–Week 22

Extra Money = Mortgage Payment

This month, Gail has been stressing the importance of paying off your mortgage faster. This week started off with the same advice–if you have extra money coming your way, put it towards your mortgage.

Mortgage Calculator

Gail has been talking a lot of math lately. If you haven’t done your own calculations yet, here’s a calculator that will do all the hard parts for you: Mortgage Calculator

Gail Tells Us a Story: Meet Chris and Toni

Renting vs. Buying

The conversation continues on with respects to renting versus buying. This is also a reminder that buying a house and having a mortgage has a cost to it too, like we saw with Chris and Toni.


How are you doing with your gratitude journal? I’m still struggling to make this task a habit.

Gail did a check in to see what we’ve been learning so far. What habits have you been changing and establishing since the start of the Money Master Class?

For me, I’ve been more intentional about finding HISA’s with the best interest rates and not being complacent with simply keeping my money in my main bank. I’ve also been enjoying learning about these mortgage-related tips as it was something I was pretty ignorant to before this.

Check out this tweet to see what everyone has been saying:

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  • A in Texas

    From last week, I do not think I will buy again. My new habits since starting with Gail in January, is writing every thing I spend down in a notebook along with ending each day saying what I’m grateful for to myself. Recently on 1 particular day, I had an eye opening experience– a quote from Oprah -“after five decades, I began to heal my disease to please people by learning to operate from intention” . Then another older than me person, on a youtube video shared this-
    3 words to ask yourself- “Does it fit?” “Before I go do x or say x, ask myself does it fit with the goals I have and want with: myself, my son, my daughter, my significant other, my extended family, my work, my money, my physical health, my spiritual self, my emotional health, etc ?)
    Gosh, just those 2 things that day reminded me that I needed to look over the list of values I made in Jan due to Gail’s suggestion– and just be more aware of what I’m doing daily– “Does it fit?” and living with intention and end the people pleasing even in my own family. And yes, some of those values changed due to the stay at home orders. Hope you found this helpful.

    • A Sustainably Simple Life

      Oh I love that question “Does it fit?” That could really help put things in perspective when you’re making decisions. I’m going to keep that one in my tool kit 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

      Writing my spending down in a notebook has been a really helpful tool for me. I find it not only keeps me on budget, but also helps me reconcile my credit card statements. I use the cards to earn points then pay them off every month. The notebook helps me see if there are any unexpected or missed transactions. I love hearing that other people use notebooks too.

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