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#MoneyMasterClass Recap–Week 13

“Money is an exhaustible resource.” —Gail Vaz-Oxlade

Choosing Investments

Our first task this week was to choose some investments.

I truly didn’t have a clue where to start doing this. I actually still don’t, so if you’ve had success with this please let me know!

Google has so far led me here: TMX Market, which seems to be a right type of place to look at stocks, but I haven’t had the brainpower to seriously investigate yet. I am going to be easing myself into this string of tasks.

Thankfully Gail is reminding us that it’s okay to make mistakes. After all, it’s only pretend money at this point!

Remember the Golden Rules

More Tips

Gail gave us a few more tips as we start to look at investments.

Taking a Gamble

Even if investing feels like a bit of a gamble, stay away from taking a gamble on your retirement. Gail does make the distinction between using funds budgeted for entertainment to buy lottery tickets and buying lottery tickets as a retirement plan. If it’s in your budget and for entertainment, that’s you’re choice.

How did you do with this week’s tasks? What did you learn from choosing investments to watch?

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