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Make A Difference By Giving These 10 Sustainable Gift Options

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The holiday season is here! And with that comes the need to think about gift giving. We love a good experience or homemade item as a gift, but sometimes it’s nice to give a quality physical gift to someone as well. This guide is all about helping you find items you can feel good about gifting–items that are thoughtful, practical, have good style and are, of course, good for our planet.

Christmas Presents

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Sustainable Gift Guide 2023

Choosing a sustainable gift can be both easy and complicated. There is a lot of potential for green washing or being led to believe something is sustainable when it isn’t. As you’re looking for sustainable gift options, keep these things in mind:

  1. Look for companies that share their sustainable certifications.
  2. Look for sustainable materials, such as bamboo, organic cotton, or upcyled/recycled material.
  3. Make sure companies support ethical employment and production practices.
  4. Invest in items of high quality that are made to last.

If that list feels daunting, don’t fret! This information is usually easy to find on a company’s “about” page. One click and you can see if the company aligns with your own sustainable values.

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10 Sustainable Gift Options

The companies featured in this sustainable gift guide are each making a difference in their own way. They are helping to better the way we shop by providing thoughtful and sustainable gift options. I’ve checked them all out and am really happy with the efforts each are putting in towards making a difference for our planet.

Check out these ideas to check off your shopping list! And a bonus, these sustainable gift options are perfect for multiple people on your list–from coworkers to partners to friends.

Terrera bamboo sheet set

1. Bamboo Sheet Sets from Terrera

Terrera’s bamboo sheet sets are so incredibly silky and soft. They are made from certified organic viscose from bamboo, which makes them a perfect sustainable bedding option. Sheet sets are an overlooked item to gift and yet, one of my favourite gifts I’ve received! Sleeping on good sheets feels so great and getting a solid night’s rest impacts every part of our day. That’s why I think a new, quality sheet set is an incredibly thoughtful item to gift.

Who is this sustainable gift option great for?

These bamboo sheet sets would make a perfect gift for newly weds, new homeowners, someone who has recently moved, your parents or other family members, or the students in your life who are living on their own.

Who is Terrera?

Terrera is a woman-led, Canadian business with an impactful vision to provide “thoughtful, timeless, and comfortable styles for sustainably conscious people.” Terrera focuses not only on using earth-friendly fabrics and conscious production methods, but also on community initiatives and giving back.

Shop here:

Terrera bamboo sheet set

2. Forage + Gather Lunch Bags from Windseeker Shop

Forage + Gather lunch bags are a beautiful, classic bag for packing your lunch to school or work (or anywhere!). They are made from a very sturdy 100% cotton material and are designed to last. I’m dedicated to packing my lunch every day and not eating out, so I love how well-crafted these Forage + Gather items are. They also look great too, so I proudly swing into the office with my lunch bag every day!

3. Forage + Gather Snack Bags from Windseeker Shop

Forage + Gather snack bags are perfect for packing food to go. They are made from a 100% cotton shell with a food-safe polyester lining. These bags are a great size for something like a sandwich or, if you’re like me, to pack your trail mix for a snack. They come in multiple colours, too, so you can mix and match or get an identical colour to your lunch bag and cutlery set.

Forage and Gather Lunch Set as sustainable gift options

4. Forage + Gather Reusable Cutlery Sets from Windseeker Shop

Forage + Gather cutlery sets are a convenient way to pack your utensils and napkin on the go. They are made from 100% cotton for the bag/cutlery holder and napkin and stainless steel for the cutlery. I love that these sets roll up so they are convenient to pack in my lunch bag. I tend to wash my cutlery at work after lunch, but the cotton bag would be easy to throw in the wash if needed. A fun bonus idea is to use the bag as a placemat! I love that I can bundle everything up into a neat, convenient package when I’m on the go.

Who are these sustainable gift options great for?

These reusable sets would make a perfect gift for coworkers, spouses, students, or anyone who doesn’t get to work from home.

Who is Windseeker?

Windseeker is a small Canadian business based in Toronto, Ontario with a focus on supporting artists and other small businesses. Windseeker’s goal is to encourage sustainable shopping through providing ethical, earth-friendly items that are made to last.

Shop here:

5. Perpetua Pencils from Windseeker

At first glance, a pencil might not sound like the most exciting item, but these Perpetua pencils are truly unique. And for a stationary lover like me, they are definitely exciting! Perpetua pencils are made from graphite powder recovered from industrial sites which would have otherwise ended up in the landfill–how cool is that?! These come in three styles (two of which are pictured below): one with a rubber tipped eraser, one with a small brush, and one with a glow in the dark tip.

Who is this sustainable gift option great for?

These unique pencils would make the perfect gift for stationary lovers, students, writers, and note takers.

Who is Windseeker?

Windseeker is an online retailer that encourages “slow shopping” by curating unique, high-quality items from artisans and small businesses. Investing in earth-friendly items that are made to last is a perfect sustainable shopping choice.

Shop here:

Perpetua pencils as sustainable gift options

6. Plastic Free Hair Ties & Scrunchies from KOOSHOO

KOOSHOO hair ties and scrunchies are a classic item made better. Not your average hair accessories, these are plastic free and made from organic cotton and natural tree rubber. With multiple styles and colours, there is pretty much a choice for everyone. The traditional round hair ties are perfect, but we also loved the feel of the flat, plastic-free hair ties which we had never tried before. I’m a little scrunchie obsessed so the brightly coloured, zero-waste scrunchies are right up my alley.

Kooshoo scrunchies and hair ties as  sustainable gift options

Who is this sustainable gift option great for?

These plastic free scrunchies and hair ties would make the perfect gift for your Secret Santa exchange, your children, siblings, friends, and really anyone who likes to tie their hair back.


KOOSHOO is a company that was born out of a desire to make a lasting impact. This company focuses not only on their impact on the planet, but also the impact on communities and individuals. While hair accessories might sound like a small item, KOOSHOO “are creating better products in a better way, while bringing meaning and connection to the world.”

Shop here: KOOSHOO Website

KOOSHOO plastic free hair accessories as a sustainable gift option

7. Vegan Leather Handbags from Pixie Mood

These vegan leather bags are not made of your typical vegan leather, these bags are made from recycled plastic. Pixie Mood’s collection has a style for every person and occasion. They are thoughtfully well crafted and styled to last through changing trends. You can read all about my bag in this post here: Introducing Pixie Mood and their Beautiful Vegan Leather Bags.

Who is this sustainable gift option great for?

These vegan leather bags would make the perfect gift for mom, your siblings, your daughter, or your BFF.

Who is Pixie Mood?

Pixie Mood is a company that creates thoughtful pieces while having a minimal impact on the planet. Their vegan leather handbags are made from recycled plastic bottles and don’t compromise on style.

Shop here: Pixie Mood Vegan Leather Handbags
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Read our previous post about Pixie Mood:
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Pixie Mood Vegan Leather Handbag as a sustainable gift option

8. Cork Yoga Mats & Accessories from Scoria World

Scoria World yoga mats and accessories are made from sustainably sourced cork and rubber, which means they are free from plastic. Plastic free gifts are ones you can definitely feel good about giving! Scoria’s yoga mats come in some beautifully patterned options or a simple classic, so you have choices for whomever you’re gifting to. I’ve used my Scoria yoga mat and cork yoga blocks almost daily for over two years and they still look like new. I’ve been impressed with how well made and built to last they are.

Scoria Sustainable Meditation Cushion, bolster and cork yoga mat

Who are these sustainable gift options great for?

These yoga mats and accessories are the perfect gift for current or aspiring yogis, spouses or family members, workout lovers or those looking to start a new hobby.

Who is Scoria World?

Scoria World is a small Canadian business that was founded in 2017 by Yara Kamal after she went on a journey of self-discovery. This is why Scoria combines an awareness of sustainability, of both mental and physical health, and of giving back to the community. The products Scoria has are not only ethically made and sustainable, but are also giving back to communities.

Shop here: Scoria World Yoga Mats & Accessories
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Scoria Yoga Mat Discount Code

9. Kitchen Essentials from Net Zero Co.

I love a quality, practical item as a gift. I find it thoughtful to receive things that I’ll be able to use on a regular basis, so that’s why I love the idea of gifting some kitchen essentials from Net Zero Co. While there are a lot of great option on their site, two of my favourites are their plastic free brush set (I’m obsessed with my veggie scrubber) and the silicone baking cups.

Who is this sustainable gift option great for?

Kitchen essentials are the perfect gift for parents, friends, a Secret Santa exchange, siblings, or the aspiring chef in your life.

Who is Net Zero Co.?

Net Zero Co. is a company born out of a desire to create access to sustainable products and to do good for our planet. Net Zero Co. is part of the Eco-Collective with Basic Goods Trading Co. and these companies have a circular mindset with the idea that companies don’t need more profits, they need more purpose.

Shop here:

Read our previous post about Net Zero Co. here:
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10. Swedish Dish Cloths from SWOP (Shop Without Plastic)

A fun and practical item to gift are Swedish gift cloths from SWOP. Swedish dish cloths are unique because they are a compostable item. Once they reach the end of their life cycle, there is no need to find a way to dispose of unwanted or unusable fabric; instead, you can simply compost the cloth! SWOP’s Swedish dish cloths come in a number fun patterns that make it easy to find the right one for your person. These cloths are also sold individually or in sets which make them a perfectly affordable gift.

There are so many cute patters, but one of my holiday favourites is the Holly Jolly Swedish Sponge Cloth Set. And a set of three is only $15 right now!

Who is this sustainable gift option great for?

Swedish dish cloths are a perfect gift for that Secret Santa exchange, for parents, friends, siblings, aspiring chefs or those who like to spend time in the kitchen (good cook or not!).

Who is SWOP?

SWOP is an online shop based in Ontario, Canada that focuses on reducing our reliance on plastic by helping us “swop” out single-use plastic products. Not only do purchases from SWOP help reduce plastic, but each purchase helps support the planting of mangrove trees in Madagascar.

Shop here: SWOP Swedish Dish Cloth collection
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Sustainable Gift Options for a Sustainable Holiday

No matter who you’re shopping for this year, there are sustainable gift options out there for them! What gift item from these sustainable companies is perfect for your shopping list?

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