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Low Waste Teacher (or Anyone!) Gifts

This year with my kids now in two different classes, piano lessons, sports, and dance, there are a lot of teachers and so a lot of teacher gifts to pull together!

I know it’s not necessary to give gifts, but I like the idea of taking the opportunity to thank and show appreciation to the people who pour so much into my children on a regular basis.

But what gifts might be appreciated while not adding to the “stuff” of life?

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My criteria for teacher gifts

  1. Not adding to the clutter of life, home, and classroom
  2. Low waste
  3. Has a personal touch
  4. Not expensive!
teacher gift

What I’ve come up with!

I’ve decided to give a few of my favourite low waste products and will include a family Christmas card and, of course, a thank you note! The low waste items I’ve chosen to include are:

  1. Abeego reusable beeswax food wrap
  2. Handmade cotton dishcloth – find one made locally to purchase, or try making it yourself!
  3. Bar of handmade soap without plastic wrap (unscented!)
  4. Canvas tote bag decorated by the kids to be used as the wrapping paper for our gift
  5. Home made tags made from re-used cards – create your own tags, bows and wrap as Alison demonstrated in a past post here!
Teacher gifts, ready to be wrapped

Other ideas for teacher gifts

  1. Gift cards – a small gift card for a cup of coffee or tea to be enjoyed on a cold day!
  2. Experiences – maybe tickets to a local event
  3. Favourite snacks/treats
  4. Picture/craft from your child

What are your favourite items to give for teacher gifts?

Cork Yoga Mat

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