Learning About Sustainable Energy Choices
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Learning About Sustainable Energy Choices

From making my morning coffee to streaming my favourite TV shows to doing laundry, I use energy in a ton of different tasks during my day. Excessive energy consumption can impact not only our budgets, but also our environment. One of our fellow Climate Change Collective Bloggers shared an amazing list of ideas for reducing energy consumption. I’m continuing this conversation on sustainable energy choices this week.

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The recent “How You Can Reduce Your Energy Consumption and Save Money by Saving the Planet post is a part of our Climate Change Collective series. In this series, one blogger writes a topical post and the Climate Change Collective participants write a response to their post, sharing thoughts or more information on the topic. Learn more about our Climate Change Collective at the end of this post and find our first in the series here: Climate Change Collective–What You Can Do.

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Sustainable Energy Choices in British Columbia

In British Columbia, the majority of our energy comes from hydroelectricity, which is a more sustainable energy choice. Unlike countries such as the UK, in British Columbia we don’t have a choice for which energy company we use, so we are lucky to have a more natural source.

Why To Still Conserve When Using Sustainable Energy Choices

While hydroelectricity is far better than fossil fuels, it does still create greenhouse gasses and have an impact on our environment. Sustainable energy choices are better, but we can still be conscious of how we use energy.

For example, the GHG intensity of hydroelectricity is just 10 to 30 tons per gigawatt hour (GWh) – about the same as six gas-powered vehicles. Fossil fuel generation produces about 200 or 300 tons per GWh, about the same as 153 gas-powered cars.

BC Hydro – Energy Explained

Here are a few reasons to conserve even sustainable energy choices:

  • You will lower your environmental footprint as even sustainable energy choices create greenhouse gasses.
  • Conserving energy will help lower your costs.
  • Your appliances, light bulbs, etc will last longer when used less.
  • Energy efficient appliances can be more cost effective when using.
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Ways to Reduce Your Energy Consumption

As a renter I can’t go out and replace all of my appliances with energy efficient ones, so I have to look at what I can do on a more practical, day-to-day level for reducing my energy use.

  • Use small instead of big appliances, such as a crock pot or toaster oven.
  • Unplug what you’re not using.
  • Check if your energy provider has a usage tracker that will allow you to understand your habits and target areas for change.
  • Check out Crisbie Coach’s list for loads more ideas: Ideas for reducing energy consumption

Helpful Links to Learn about Sustainable Energy Choices

Learn about Solar Power

Read about Krista’s journey with installing solar panels on her home by exploring her posts: Solar Panel Posts.

Calculate Your Costs

Find out how much energy your appliances are actually using with this calculator: Appliance cost calculator.

Find Rebates

If you’re in British Columbia, there are a variety of rebates and offers you can explore: Rebates and Free Programs.

What sustainable energy choices have you been making?

We’d love to hear what you’ve been doing to save energy and make more sustainable choices!

Climate Change Collective
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About the Climate Change Collective

The Climate Change Collective was born out of an exchange that took place between Michelle and Jamie in the comments section of a Jamie Ad Stories blog post. Jamie and Michelle both care deeply about the impact of human activity on our planet and wanted to find a way to keep the climate change message top of mind for everyone. A tweet was sent out, bloggers responded, and we’ve all now teamed up to create the Climate Change Collective!

The idea is simple. The members of the collective will take turns writing a monthly blog post sharing their concerns and unique perspective about climate change. After the post is published, the rest of the group will keep the conversation going by sharing a link to the post on their blogs along with their thoughts and ideas. If you’re a like-minded blogger and would like to join our collective, please get in touch. The more the merrier!

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  • Molly | Transatlantic Notes

    I love this and have my response post up too where I share a few ideas about how to reduce energy usage at home. I’m a renter too so can’t do as much as those who own their home and can make various changes but I can do a number of things to be cost/environmentally conscientious (it’s all about the mindset). I like the idea of using a toaster oven so I may have to look into getting one as I am sure that will further help out!

    • A Sustainably Simple Life

      I loved that your post included that you are a renter and how you’d tailor your changes to that too. So many things are out of our control as renters, but there’s always some things that can be done 🙂

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