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Introducing Pixie Mood and their Beautiful Vegan Leather Bags

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I don’t know how alone I am in thinking this, but a good bag is hard to find. Maybe I’m just picky, but when looking for a new purse I consider size, colour, material, versatility, weight…there are just so many factors! When I learned about Pixie Mood’s bags, I was intrigued first by their material and then dug deeper into their values. I’m excited to tell you about Pixie Mood with you and share our review of their vegan leather bags.

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Pixie Mood Ella Crossbody Bag
Pixie Mood Ella Crossbody

Read on to learn more about Pixie Mood’s vegan leather bags!
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Making Vegan Leather Sustainable

If you’re like me and you see the terms “sustainable” and “vegan leather” together, the first thought is usually: Wait, isn’t Vegan Leather plastic? And the answer is usually, yes it is. What caught my eye about Pixie Mood’s vegan leather is that it is actually made from recycled plastic bottles!

Considering that plastic takes 500+ years to break down, finding new ways to recycle and reuse plastic is important for our planet’s health. To date, Pixie Mood has stopped over 285,814 plastic bottles from entering the landfill! This is a type of vegan leather that I can get behind.

Pixie Mood also has a number of other sustainability initiatives including carbon offsetting for their shipping and solvent free practices for manufacturing to be kinder to our planet.

Closeup of details on Pixie Mood Ella Crossbody Bag

Pixie Mood and Their Company Values

“Pixie Mood takes worker rights and safety rights seriously. We understand the importance of providing our customers with products that are produced in a legal and socially responsible manner.”

Pixie Mood – Worker Rights &Safety

When introducing companies in the past, I’ve mentioned how it is important for us to share companies that connect with our values. Pixie Mood obviously stood out to me because of their sustainability initiatives and how they are turning recycled plastic bottles into vegan leather, but I was also impressed by their commitment to worker rights and safety.

A sustainable product doesn’t mean much if it is putting workers in harms way like at the Rana Plaza 10 years ago, which launched the “Who Made My Clothes?” movement. This is why reading that Pixie Mood’s manufacturers are visited yearly is important. They are also committing to ensure there is no forced labour, no child labour, and that workers are paid a fair minimum wage.

Wearing Pixie Mood Ella Crossbody Bag

Pixie Mood Vegan Leather Bag Review

The first time I pulled my Ella Crossbody bag out of the packaging to use it I was at my parent’s house on vacation when I was showing my mom the purse. My mom took the purse from me and I wasn’t sure I was going to get it back! She was in love with it! And I can’t blame her (though there was no way I was letting it go haha) because it is an absolutely beautiful bag.

The material is lovely and soft, not plasticky like some vegan leathers can be. I chose the Ella Crossbody bag in particular because I felt that it could be used for dressier and more casual outfits and, seeing it in person, I was right. It was the perfect bag to use when out an about on vacation in my summer dress and also while I was in my shorts and t-shirt. I love a cross-body strap for a purse, but this strap can be easily removed if desired for more options too.

The Ella Crossbody is a fantastic size. I was able to fit my wallet, phone, a reusable bag, hand lotion, keys, and some other miscellaneous items with a lot of room to spare! I’m always conscious of how heavy a bag is after causing some shoulder and back pain from overloading some large purses years ago. This bag is a really nice, light weight and even with all of those items in it, I didn’t find it cumbersome to wear.

I’m in love with this bag and can’t deny that I’m considering getting it in black too as my little back purse is about to fall apart on me. That being said, there are a ton of cute bags in Pixie Mood’s collection so I might switch things up too!

How to Connect with Pixie Mood

You can learn more about Pixie Mood and check out their beautiful bags on their website. Find their website and social links below!

Website and Store:

We hope you are as excited to learn about Pixie Mood as we have been! We love seeing companies creating beautiful products out of recycled plastic!

When you’re looking to shop, don’t forget to use this discount code for 10% off!

Shop here: Pixie Mood Website
Coupon Code: SIMPLELIFE10
Fine print: Shipping for USA & CA only / Excludes eGift Cards/ Limit one redemption per customer / Limited Time

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