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Introducing Goodwash Soap and their Plastic Free Soap Products

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Small businesses on a mission to do good are one of my favourite things. It’s so encouraging to see people creating ways to improve life on our planet through products that reduce environmental impacts, packaging that has minimal waste, and using profits to give back to communities. When we met Susana from Goodwash Soap, it was clear she was on a mission to do all of these things. I’m excited to share about this woman-led business with you all and talk a little bit about sustainable soap.

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GoodWash Soap collection

How to choose a sustainable soap

There are environmental considerations for everything we buy and use. Soap is no different and since it not only gets put on our skin, but also gets washed down the drain, it’s really important to think about what we are using.

Three Things to Consider when Choosing a Sustainable Soap

There are a number of things to consider when choosing a sustainable soap product, but here are three good areas to start with:

1. Ingredients

Look for soaps made with natural and organic ingredients. Ingredients like organic oils , essential oils, and plant-based additives are typically more eco-friendly and biodegradable. And hopefully all of these ingredients have been sourced sustainably.

2. Packaging

Opt for soaps that are minimally packaged or come in reusable or recyclable packaging. Materials such as recycled paper, cardboard, or compostable materials are great options. One main key is to avoid excessive plastic packaging, as it contributes to pollution and landfill waste.

3. Production Practices

Researching a company’s production practices and their commitment to sustainability can help you make the best choices. Starting with a company’s “About Page” can give a quick glimpse into their values and whether they have a true commitment to sustainability or are just green-washing their products.

Some things to look for include: prioritizing environmentally friendly manufacturing processes, such as minimizing water usage; following ethical and fair labor practices; and sustainable certifications.

Goodwash soap logo

Meet Goodwash Soap

I really relate to Susana’s story and how she came to create Goodwash Soap. Susana has a background in corporate retail like I do and she was motivated to create a change in the world after constantly seeing the amount of plastic packaging and single use products in her industry. Thinking about my days in retail I still cringe at the amount of waste that every shipment of product entails. I love that Susana saw this and took action to create a product and business that could make a difference.

We are on a mission to do good for both planet and soul – with simple products we all use every day.  Our ingredients, packaging, and giving programs are all designed with this goal in mind.

– Susana, Goodwash Soap

Goodwash soap is a foaming hand soap that does good! The plastic-free, completely recyclable packaging is only one side of this soap. The other is that this soap is proudly Canadian-made with plant-based ingredients and does not contain parabens, sulfates, or phthalates.

Being biodegradable (aka safe to go down the drain in a way that won’t harm our planet or living things) is taken seriously by Goodwash Soap and their products are independently tested to ensure biodegradability.

Our Goodwash Soap Experience

First impressions always make an impact, so when a company has good packaging, I get really excited. I’m a bit of a sustainability nerd that way, I guess. What I look for is limited plastic, limited tape, no useless, non-recyclable stuffing, and reusable elements. Goodwash Soap’s packaging was fantastic! True to her desire to eliminate plastic, there was no single use plastic to be found inside the parcel.

The soap dispenser itself is made of a sturdy glass jar that is made to last. And the soap concentrate comes in aluminum bottles. The aluminum bottles can be more readily recycled that plastic (only 9% of plastic waste in Canada actually gets recycled!) and I think these little bottles would be great to reuse. They have lids that screw on and make the bottles perfect for various uses–like taking toiletries on a trip, perhaps.

Mixing the soap is super easy! The soap comes in a concentrate which means less packaging. All you have to do is add water to the concentrate – you can use the labels to help you with measuring. First you pour in the concentrate, then line up the sticker with the top of the liquid, and finally add in your water.

I started out with the Beach Breeze scent because my starter kit arrived in the dead of winter and I needed to pretend I was on a beautiful beach somewhere. I’m partial to fruity scents, though, so the Strawberry Fields scent is by far my favourite.

The soap itself was fantastic. Where some foaming soaps are a little watery and not so foamy, that was not the case here. The dispenser created a lovely thick foam that felt nice–and effective–to use. I was really impressed with the quality of everything from Goodwash Soap, from the packaging to the actual soap product.

Goodwash Soap starter kit

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How to Connect with Goodwash Soap

You can learn more about Goodwash Soap and check out their online shop on their website. Find their website and social links below!

Website and Online Shop:

Remember that supporting small businesses by following their socials and liking their posts actually makes a huge difference! Small businesses are so important for our communities and they are often looking for ways to give back, like how Goodwash Soap is actively donating 5% of their sales to Canadian charities.

We are doing good for the soul by giving back to the community and supporting local conservation efforts in Canada. We’re proud to donate 5% of sales from all our soap products to Canadian charities that work towards promoting social and environmental good. 

– Susana, Goodwash Soap

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