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Introducing Clementine Greetings and their Creative Message Peels

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We love getting creative with using and reusing items because single use items are a big contributor to waste creation and climate change. This is one reason I was so excited to learn about a way to reuse greeting cards and extend their life before placing them in the recycle bin. Clementine Greetings has created a unique way of reusing greeting cards with their Message Peels! Created with the intention of reducing waste, these greeting cards are a more sustainable way to spread some cheer.

Clementine Greetings card and envelope

The Problem of Single Use Items

While the majority of greeting cards are recyclable, they are still a single use item which means they have a greater impact on our planet than a reusable item does. Throwaway culture associated with single-use items is unsustainable in the long term as it supports a linear economy where resources are extracted, used briefly, and then discarded, rather than a circular economy that promotes resource efficiency.

Producing any item is going to use resources and energy. Single-use items are constantly in a cycle of production whereas reusable items are breaking that cycle. Along with this, whether recycled or tossed to the landfill, single use items create a higher demand on waste management systems. Reusing items, quite simply, makes less waste and are an overall better choice for the planet.

Clementine Greetings card and Message Peels

Making your Greeting Card Reusable with Message Peels

The best way to keep something from being single use is to reuse it! Clementine Greetings created a way to do just that. Their Message Peels were intentionally created to reduce waste and make their greeting cards reusable.

So, what are Message Peels? They are a pad of five removeable sheets that can be stuck into your greeting cards. These allow you to write your greeting on one of the removeable sheets instead of directly onto the card’s surface.

Message Peels are a really easy way to extend the life of a card as you can simply peel off the message that was sent to you and then write a greeting on the next Message Peel for the person you are sending the card to. It’s such a brilliant idea in my opinion!

A quick look at how easy Message Peels are to use!

Meet Clementine Greetings

We’ve talked before about loving small businesses and entrepreneurs because they create innovative ways to solve problems. The couple behind Clementine Greetings are no exception. Jameel and Tehmina are based in Ontario, Canada and they came up with the idea for Message Peels after seeing how many cards they were throwing away from their wedding.

After a night of cleaning and finally putting the kids to bed, we stayed up going through our old wedding cards laughing and reminiscing – but we were ready to let go.

We were torn by the fact these beautiful and expensive cards were just going to be thrown out. Some of them only had a few sentences written in them! We ended the night off at 2 a.m. with a mission: to create a BETTER way to gift greeting cards!

How their story began – Clementine Greetings

If you want to be inspired, I totally recommend following this husband and wife team on Instagram. I love how they’ve creatively solved a problem (greeting cards needed to be transformed!), how passionate they are about what they are doing (after meeting Jameel on a Zoom chat I was so energized!), and how honest they are about the process (this business was humbly created at 2am in the kitchen).

Clementine Greetings card and Message Peels

5 Reasons I Love Clementine Greetings’ Message Peels

Stationary is one of my greatest weaknesses. I love pens, notebooks, and sending and receiving greeting cards. So when Jameel introduced himself and Clementine Greetings I literally told him I was his target audience. Their products checked all the boxes for me–stationary that was reusable and reduced waste! I even knew which person I was going to send my first card to before I received it in the mail because I have fellow card lovers in my friend group.

Here are 5 of the many reasons I’m loving Clementine Greetings and their Message Peels:

  1. They help reduce waste. Straight up this is the best reason! One card can be used up to FIVE times, which is amazing! (And you can also make a card last even longer by applying another pad of message peels.)
  2. I can easily save the message in my card if it is something really special. I love that I can peel the message off and save it by sticking it in my journal.
  3. Errors are easy to erase! Honestly, I’m so bad at making mistakes when writing cards–so much so I that I write out a test greeting before writing on the actual card. Message Peels help ease the anxiety of spelling errors and create an easy fix if I do make one.
  4. It’s like a gift and a card all at the same time by giving a card that can be reused. I love the idea of saving the recipient the time from having to go and find a card and money from having to buy one.
  5. They can be used to transform any card into a reusable card. (Check out the Clementine Greetings store for how to purchase a Message Peels stack to make any card reusable.)

While the Message Peels can be purchased on their own, the Clementine Greetings cards come in some super cute designs and are offered at a great price–especially considering these cards can be used up to five times!

How to Connect with Clementine Greetings

You can learn more about Clementine Greetings and check out their online shop on their website. Find their website and social links below!

Website and Store

We’d love to hear your thoughts on these reusable greeting cards! What would you think of receiving a card you could reuse?

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