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How to Reuse Bread Bag Clips–Over 10 Ideas to Try!

In my local zero-waste group, regular questions are: “what can we do with all of these bread bag ties?” or “How can I reuse bread bag clips?” And they are valid questions! They are such a random and annoying bit of plastic. Since they are so small, there is a really good chance they won’t get recycled if thrown in the bin due to falling through the machines.

In an effort to help keep these bits of plastic out of the landfill, I’m sharing some ideas on how to reuse bread bag clips.

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10 Ideas for How to Reuse Bread Bag Clips

I’ve shared before that I think reducing and reusing are far more important than recycling. Giving things new life and purpose is a great way to reduce what we buy and keep things out of the landfill. That’s why I love sharing lists for how to reuse items and wanted to come up with ways to reuse bread bag clips.

Here are 10+ ideas for how to reuse bread bag clips:

1. Make a cat toy

The best cat toy I ever gave my cat was a bread bag clip tied to the end of a ribbon. It was a spur of the moment improvisation that she absolutely loved! It was also the most cost effective toy I ever had for her too.

2. Label your cords

If you have a number of cords plugged into an outlet, use bread bag clips to label each of them. This will save you from having to guess which plug belongs to which item.

Reuse bread bag clip to hold a cord
Reuse a bag clip to keep your cords tidy.

3. Keep cords tidy and coiled up (works for ribbon and string too!)

If you are storing cords, use the clip to to keep them coiled up and tidy. You could also wrap extra bits of string or ribbon around the bread bag clip to keep the pieces organized.

4. Save bread bag clips for a fundraisers

Collect bread bag clips for a fundraiser! Unfortunately we don’t have a fundraiser locally in British Columbia, but there are some internationally.

Here are links to fundraisers:
Bread Tags for Wheelchairs in South Africa, in Australia, and in New Zealand.
Danielle Cares for Chairs in the USA.

Do you have a local fundraiser using bread bag clips? I’d love to add it to the list!

One company is getting extra creative with reusing bread bag clips and fundraising, making beautiful products out of transformed bread tags. Isn’t this amazing?!

5. Scratch off lottery tickets

Lotto scratch tickets are a fun stocking stuffer we often get at Christmas time and I enjoy them, but they leave a horrible mess under finger nails. A bread bag tag is perfect for avoiding that mess!

6. Use one as a guitar pick

Need a guitar pick in a pinch? Did you break or lose your last one? The hard plastic of a bread bag clip can easily act as a temporary replacement.

7. Create an activity using clips as counting pieces

If bread bag clips are anything, they sure are durable, so that makes them perfect for reusing. If you are helping someone practice math or learn to count, these pieces can be excellent counting pieces.

Assortment of bread bag clips
Great assortment of colours!

8. Create a colour sorting activity using different colour clips

Bread bag clips also come in a variety of colours, so if you are teaching colours or learning to match colours, these are fun and simple tools to use.

9. Get creative and use bread bag clips in crafting or art projects

Glue them down into fun shapes and patterns, cut them up or melt them down, or get creative in a different way–using miscellaneous items for craft projects is a great way to get the creativity flowing.

10. Use them for their original purpose–a bag tie

If you have some random bags that you are saving to reuse (those original bread bags, perhaps?) then why not use the bread bag clips for their original purpose–to close a bag.

Bonus Idea!

Thanks to @coastisclaire_ on Twitter for this idea!

11. Use a bread bag tie as a quick fix to mend a broken flip flop.

So genius! Check out the tweet below for how to do it and head over to add any of your ideas too!

How do you Reuse Bread Bag Clips?

Do you have a fun, unique, or practical way that you reuse bread bag clips? We’d love to keep this list growing in the comments!

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