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Sustainable & Natural Skincare with Gamanity Cosmetics

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Have you ever looked at your skincare or cosmetics and thought about how much plastic there is and what impact they are having on our environment? I think about it quite often as I’m still trying to eliminate plastic from different areas of my life. In this week’s post, I’m sharing about Gamanity Cosmetics and some of their products that can help us make those small changes to healthier and more sustainable products.

Gamanity Products

Plastic in our Skincare Routines

When Krista and I participated in our first Plastic Free July, it was shocking to see everywhere that plastic showed up in our homes. The bathroom was no exception to this with an overwhelming amount of plastic seeming to be in every product’s packaging.

There are some simple swaps that can be made, such as shampoo bottles for shampoo bars. Other items, like deodorant which needs some sort of packaging, can be more challenging to find.

Skincare for Our Health and Our Planet

We were excited when Gamanity reached out to us because we love learning about small companies and what they are doing for our planet. Not only are Gamanity’s products plastic free, but they are also chemical free and they do not test their products on animals. Gamanity was started by two scientists and their focus is on the health of people and of our planet.

“Gamanity refers to the Japanese word Gaman, meaning perseverance and endurance. It represents a way of living, a mind-set helping you to reach your goals. Gamanity offers an alternative holistic lifestyle based on daily healthy habits and on the use of skincare products.”

Who is Gamanity?

Gamanity was started by Katrin and Alvaro and their story is one of the first things that caught my attention about this company. I loved how both Kat and Alvaro tie their journey’s beginning to their childhoods spent in nature, then how their desires to become scientists were from a wish to create practical change.

When Kat, who grew up in Italy, met Alvaro, who grew up in Mexico, they realized they had a number of ideas and goals in common. This is how Gamanity was born! Together, Kat and Alvaro are working to create products that are good for the planet and that are healthy for us. You can learn more about the founders and their company on their website.

Gamanity Products and Our Thoughts

I had the opportunity to try a number of Gamanity’s products and am excited to share my review of them with you.

Gamanity Natural Lip Balm

Natural Lip Balm

It is not an overstatement to say that I’m obsessed with this lip balm. It is one of the smoothest, creamiest lip balms I’ve tried. This was unexpected for me because my previous experiences with handcrafted, natural lip balms were pretty average. Gamanity has really mastered their formulation for this lip balm as it has a wonderfully smooth texture and it left my lips feeling smooth for a long period of time.

The tube itself is cardboard and has an easy push up center, which is also made of carboard, making this plastic free and recyclable.

Gamanity Natural Deodorant

Natural Deodorant

Outside of the deodorant that Krista makes, I haven’t tried another natural deodorant. This made me a little unsure about trying a new product as I do quite a bit of physical work at my current job. It turns out my concerns were completely unfounded. Gamanity’s natural deodorant held up really well and I put it to some pretty big tests.

The deodorant itself didn’t glide on a smoothly as a big name brand type, but it was still very easy to apply and gave good coverage. I also liked that the deodorant had minimal scent to it as I’m not a big fan of strong smells.

Like the lip balm, the deodorant comes in a cardboard tube with a push up center, making it plastic free and recyclable. The packaging is a convenient size that would be perfect for travelling.

Gamanity Botanical Cleanser

Botanical Cleanser

My skincare routine is pretty basic, so this botanical cleanser feels like a luxury item to me. I actually had to read the instructions on the bottle because I wanted to make sure I used it right, though it was as easy to use as you could assume.

What I really liked about this cleanser is that it left my skin feeling fresh and clean, not tight and dry like some facial cleansers can. I used this botanical cleanser right before bed and noticed that my skin felt very soft when I woke up.

“The botanical combination of oils leave the skin feeling youthful, glowing, smooth, silky, and plump. They have tremendous nourishing benefits, keeps the skin clean and helps to eliminate toxins, while moisturising it softly.” – Gamanity

I’m looking forward to seeing the longer-term benefits of using this cleanser as I noticed a difference even after using it just once. The cleanser is packaged in a little glass bottle with a metal twist top. While glass is recyclable, this container is completely reusable and I plan to do just that!

Gamanity Face Masks

Ginger Face Mask and Cocoa Face Mask

Getting to try the Ginger Face Mask was the perfect way to give myself a little sustainable self care and a mini-spa experience heading into my weekend. I had set the Cocoa Face Mask aside for Krista to try and chose to try the Ginger Face Mask for myself because of these properties:

Ginger contains antioxidants that help to protect your skin, reducing inflammation. It is naturally anti-bacterial, and perfect for healing and preventing acne.

I also love ginger and the smell of ginger, so it was a perfect choice. The mask had a nice mud-mask feel to it and I thought it smelled a little spicy (that’s the word that came to mind and feels like an accurate description of ginger).

I followed the instructions, cleansing my face and then leaving the mask on for 20 minutes. Afterwards, I felt like the redness that is present in some areas of my face was reduced and my skin looked healthier. My skin also felt very smooth after using the mask. I was very pleased with the results!

The face mask is packaged in a little glass jar that I’m excited to reuse. The jar was sealed with a metal seal (as opposed to plastic) to protect from leakage and the seal is recyclable once washed.

How to Connect with Gamanity

You can learn more about Gamanity and where to purchase products on their website. Find their website and social links below!


We hope you’ve enjoyed getting to know about this fantastic company as much as we have!

What product would you be most excited to try?

Gamanity Products

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