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Flashfood: Yogurt Bran Muffins

The Flashfood App enables frugal grocery purchases while also promoting sustainability by diverting food that was destined for the landfill. This app links consumers looking for grocery deals with stores looking to sell nearly expired food. And it’s also a great way to try out new foods and challenge yourself to experiment with recipes! Find out about the app here: Introduction to Flashood

Flashfood Find: Skyr Plain Yogurt

Regular Price $5.78
Flashfood Price $2.89
Total Savings $2.89

Menu Inspiration

I often purchase yogurt through Flashfood because it’s very versatile: you can freeze it in single servings for snacks, use it in baking, or use plain yogurt in place of sour cream in recipes such as curries. My favourite way to freeze in single servings is to fill these pouches* with a mixture of yogurt, cinnamon and ground almond to make a healthy and filling snack. Simply take out of the freezer in the morning to thaw for use later in the day.

With this batch of yogurt, I decided to make muffins!

Find the recipe here: Blueberry Oat Greek Yogurt Muffins

I substituted regular sugar for both the honey and coconut palm sugar, and froze any muffins that were not going to be eaten that day.

The muffin pan I used is completely silicone, doesn’t require the use of disposable muffin cups, and is very easy to clean. I had made the switch to silicone baking cups some time ago but found them difficult to clean and managed to lose several almost immediately so this pan was a great find! It isn’t currently in stock but similar items are currently available from Epicure.


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