Flashfood Inspirations

Flashfood Introduction

I first came across the Flashfood app in a budget-related Facebook group several months ago. At the time I was actively looking for ways to save money on our grocery budget and found Flashfood to be very helpful in stretching my grocery dollars. And bonus, as their slogan says, using Flashfood promotes sustainability by allowing individuals to “save money while reducing food waste”!

It has been well documented that food waste is a significant problem in our world today. Flashfood was created to divert nearly expired food, that would ordinarily be thrown away, to consumers willing to purchase these items at a reduced price.

Flashfood locations are somewhat limited at this time however recent Instagram posts have announced new locations and also indicate that Flashfood is continuing to expand. You can visit their website to find a location near you https://www.flashfood.com/en/locations/home or simply download the app, enable location services, and participating locations close to you will be populated in the app.

How To Use Flashfood

  1. Check the app throughout the day as more items can be added at any time;
  2. Select the item and quantity you would like and pay via the app; and
  3. Go to the customer service area of the location and find the Flashfood fridge, remove your items, and wait for the attendant at customer service to review your items and check you out (see below, this must be done before the expiration date of the products you purchased).

Notes on Using Flashfood

  1. Popular items such as fresh meat go quickly; at my local store most items are generally added in the morning but if you notice a pattern at your local store then you may want to set reminders to check the app at the right time for you;
  2. There have been several occasions where my item was missing from the Flashfood fridge. If this occurs Flashfood requests that you send a screenshot of your receipt and some additional details as listed on their refund form. They will then process the refund directly back to your credit card;
  3. Stores are not allowed to sell items past their best-before date so if you do not collect the item before the due date then you forfeit the item. I was told by customer service at my local store that it is possible to contact Flashfood for a refund if that happens and they will consider refunding the purchase, however their website states that their policy is not to refund for missed pickups; and
  4. I referred a number of people to Flashfood before realizing that they had a referral program! So if you love Flashfood and want to share it with others, be sure to provide your referral code.

Flashfood referral code: $ALIS2AQ4G
If your first purchase is over $10, you’ll get $5 off! Use the code when you sign up or on the Rewards tab. Download the app today, search for Flashfood wherever you get your apps. (Keep in mind Flashfood may change this offer at any time)

Flashfood Inspiration

There are a few times I’ve purchased items on Flashfood that I wouldn’t normally buy — and I’ve loved them! So not only is using this app reducing the usable food that goes into our landfills, it’s a budget helper, AND you can try new foods at a fraction of the price!

Alison and I have been inspired by the challenge of using some of the ingredients listed on Flashfood before they expire and so will be regularly sharing our Flashfood finds along with our ideas and favourite recipes to put our nearly-expired items to best use!

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