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Celebrating 100 Blog Posts With Our Most Popular Reads

Today we are celebrating our 100th blog post!

And to mark that milestone, we thought we’d share some of our most popular posts with you.

Here are 10 of our readers’ favourite posts.

Top Posts for Slow Fashion

From this year’s slow fashion series, our top posts include a visible mending tutorial, a how-to guide to hosting your own clothing swap, and a feature on one of our favourite Canadian sustainable fashion brands.

  1. Visible Mending: What’s Old Can Be New Again
  2. Sustainable Children’s Wear: fairechild
  3. How to Host a Clothing Swap

Top Posts for Living Plastic Free

We participated in Plastic Free July for the first time this year and it was a whirlwind of learning lessons about reducing our plastic use. We covered a lot of ground and our favorites include plastic free gift wrapping (Christmas is just around the corner!), plastic free period products, and how to go plastic free in the kitchen.

  1. Plastic Free Gift Wrap
  2. Bluebird Pads – A Plastic Free Period
  3. Plastic Free Kitchen

Top Posts for Simple & Sustainable Living

These last few also include our most popular Pinterest pins. Living sustainably includes being able to look at what you have and to let unecessary things go. These posts include tips on decluttering and how to sell those items online. A list wouldn’t be complete without a garden post as we try to become more self-sustainable. Check out Krista’s latest recap from this year’s garden.

  1. 3 Easy Steps to Start Decluttering
  2. How to Sell Your Used Items Online
  3. 3 Things I Always Reuse
  4. Reflections on Backyard Garden: Good, Bad, and What Happened?

Have you read any of these posts? We’d love to hear which ones are your favourites!

Thanks so much for being on this sustainability journey with us!


What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments!

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