Behind the Blog: Introducing Krista

Krista and I have been writing this little sustainability blog for three years now and it’s a project we are so proud of. In all of the things we talk about, though, ourselves is rarely one of them. That’s why I thought it would be a good idea to hit pause and take a moment to introduce ourselves a little further than our About Page.

This week, I’m taking some time to introduce Krista to you all. I hope you love her as much as I do!

Getting to Know Krista

Krista and I met over 10 years ago when we were in a small study group together. We met right before my life kind of fell apart, so she met me at one of my lowest points. What I was able to learn about Krista through that time was how caring, compassionate, and giving she is. She also has this amazing way of seeing a direct pathway through a problem or issue and can tackle things head on. It’s a quality I truly respect and try to learn from.

Krista has a tenacity that allows her to take on challenging careers and move into houses that need to be fully renovated. It’s been a joy to see her navigate challenges in life without losing her natural tendency to care for others in need.

Seeing Krista become a mother has been a beautiful thing to watch. She is so passionate about bettering herself and continuously learning in an effort to provide her kids with the healthiest childhood she can. It is inspiring to see someone humbly self-examining themselves in order to be the best version of themselves that they can be for their children. And through that process I’ve been able to learn about myself too as Krista shares what she is learning and what she is finding helpful.

Highlights from the last year

I asked Krista to share some of her favourite photos from the last year to give a picture into her world. Here are some of her faves from this past year.

Krista and 3 Things

From things I admire to some great blog posts, here’s a few lists of three things about Krista

3 things I admire about Krista

1. Her caring nature.
2. Her commitment to personal growth even when it’s hard.
3. Her willingness to try new things and be okay with making mistakes through the learning process.

3 facts about Krista

1. She is a fantastic sewer and has enough patience that she tried to teach me how (I’m not a good sewer haha)

2. She loves to travel and has been to a number of places from Australia to Haiti to Belgium.

3. One of her favourite shows to watch with her husband is The Curse of Oak Island.

3 Q & A’s with Krista

A: What is your favourite sustainable swap?

K: I love my refillery! Being able to choose beautiful, reusable vessels, then refill them the minute I need with a product I love is amazing! I don’t have to take a trip to the store, I don’t have to buy a substitute when my favourite product is out of stock, I don’t pay the higher price for a smaller quantity, and I don’t generate plastic waste. What’s not to love!

Honourable mention probably has to go to my cloth “paper towels” – it’s so nice not to have that additional household expense in my budget, or waste in my garbage!

A: What is one piece of advice you’ve been given that you’ve never forgotten?

K: “The days are long but the years are short” reminds me not to get too bogged down in the to-do’s of life but make sure I’m living and enjoying it too!

A: Your garden is full of pollinator-friendly flowers. Which one is your absolute favourite and why?

K: Scarlet runner beans, hands down! One key point is that they’re easy to grow and save seeds from for the next year. But of course the plants are amazing too! If you pick the pods early they can be eaten like green beans, and if you save and dry the beans they can be cooked and used in various dishes. They grow to over 10 feet and are covered in beautiful red flowers that continue to bloom even into the fall. Hummingbirds and bumblebees love the flowers, so build a trellis and grow it close to somewhere you can watch all of your visitors enjoying a meal!

3 great posts by Krista

  1. Science activities for kids
  2. At-Home Spa Day DIYs
  3. How your Travel Choices Help the Planet

Krista and Sustainability

One thing Krista and I naturally bonded over was our frugal and sustainable ways of living. Where it is awkward to talk about these things with some people, it was completely natural for me and Krista.

One of our first side hustles together was finding old, discarded items and refinishing them or upcycling them into something new and useable–like turning a basket into a lampshade. Krista has a unique and creative vision for things and I’ve learned so much from her. She actually taught me how to refinish furniture, which has become a hobby I love!

If you follow our Instagram, Krista is the reason it looks so pretty! She has this natural ability to combine colours and designs and it’s been fun to see how that’s played out in our blogging adventure.

Whether it’s giving items a new lease on life, preserving food, or creating budgets, Krista is always open to talking about creating less waste. So you can see why these are the topics we generally cover on our blog!

I hope you’ve enjoyed getting to know a little bit more about Krista!

Pela phone case image. the compostable phone case.

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