5 Thoughtful and Budget-Friendly Valentine's Day Ideas
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8 thoughtful and budget-friendly Valentine’s Day ideas

Celebrating Valentine’s Day

One of my favourite takes on Valentine’s Day is found in the show “Parks and Recreation”, where Amy Poeler’s character hosts a “Galentine’s Day” each year to celebrate her best girlfriends, complete with handmade (sometimes over the top) gifts and a fantastic brunch!

Valentine’s Day so often seems to be associated with romantic love but I think the day is a great opportunity to let all of the important people in our lives know how special they are.

Valentine's day
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So what can you do to celebrate those around you? I’ve shared some ideas below that you can pull together at the last minute and on a budget!

Some inspiration

  1. Words of affirmation jar: Alison posted how to make this gift here and is a great way to share the reasons you care for your special people this Valentine’s day.
  2. Share a meal: who doesn’t love a homemade meal — especially one that they don’t have to cook.
  3. Bake someones’ favourite treat and share it with them: enough said!
  4. The gift of time: go for a walk or sit and visit over a coffee.
  5. Make a card (or create an e-card) and share it with a few thoughts about the special person in your life. There are some great ideas for homemade cards here.
  6. Offer to help with a task: Have a busy person in your life? Offer to help with a cleaning task, running an errand, or even babysitting!
  7. Plants: I have never totally loved getting cut flowers because you enjoy them for such a short period of time and then they’re gone. Instead, consider the gift of a plant in an upcycled or thrifted pot!
  8. Share a memory: Find a photo of a great day, fun event, or random moment and re-share it with a comment about what made the memory special.
Source: Canva

A few more ideas

Like so many other holidays, Valentine’s Day comes with it’s share of waste. We had previously shared some ideas for a zero-waste celebration here!

How do you celebrate Valentine’s Day?

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