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5 Easy and Sustainable Alternatives to Plastic Wrap

Plastic wrap is a convenience item, so it can be an overlooked single-use plastic in our kitchens. Since it’s easy to replace, I’m sharing five sustainable alternatives to plastic wrap for storing your food. Being able to properly store food is an important part of saving food waste. And since food waste contributes to climate change, it’s an important issue. Growing up we used a lot of plastic wrap for packing lunches and storing leftovers, so it can be tempting to stick with the familiar ways of doing things. After taking part in multiple Plastic Free July’s I’ve been eliminating plastic wherever I can and plastic wrap was an easy one to swap out.

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Bowls of soup that can be covered using different items as alternatives to plastic wrap
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Easy Alternatives to Plastic Wrap

I used to rely on plastic wrap for covering my food. What I know now is that plastic doesn’t disappear–it takes hundreds of years for it to break down and even then tends to break down into microplastics. So finding alternatives to plastic wrap is important for our planet. Luckily, it’s one of the easiest things to replace!

Here are five sustainable alternatives to plastic wrap for you to try:

1. Beeswax wraps

Krista introduced me to beeswax wraps a couple of years ago when she was writing about them for our first Plastic Free July (read her post about a Plastic Free Kitchen here). Beeswax wraps are great because they are made with natural ingredients, such as cotton cloth and beeswax, which makes them biodegradable. Beeswax wraps can be used multiple times and are really easy to wash with soap and water–so much better than a single use cling wrap!

If you’re a fan of DIYs, you can even try to make your own beeswax wraps. Check out Krista’s experience here: Making Beeswax Wraps.

Or you can shop beeswax wraps with SWOP here: 4-Pack of Beeswax Wraps (don’t forget to use our code for a discount! Discount Code: SUSTAINABLYSIMPLE2023)

2. Tin foil

Tin foil (or aluminum foil) is great for a lot of reasons. It is simple to use and can be sized or shaped for different dishes and sizes of food. Tin foil is reusable and it is also recyclable–just make sure to give it a wash to remove food residue first.

3. Plates

When I’m prepping food in advance for meals, sometimes I’m using a prep bowl that’s too big for my beeswax wraps or I’m only covering the bowl for a short time so don’t want to tear up a piece of tin foil. That’s when I use the simplest item–a plate!

It might seem silly, but it’s actually really practical. A plate can sit snuggly on a bowl and as an added bonus, you can stack items on top of the plate if space is limited in your fridge.

4. Reusable Bowl Covers

Reusable bowl covers are great alternatives to plastic wrap because they are reusable! Yay for no more single use plastics! There are a few different types out on the market, such as fabric bowl covers and silicone bowl covers.

The great thing about the reusable silicone dish covers is that they come in different sizes, are temperature resistant, and are dishwasher safe, so they’re really easy and versatile to use.

Shop the reusable dish covers featured in SWOP’s informative post here: Reusable Dish Covers and use our code to save! Discount Code: SUSTAINABLYSIMPLE2023

5. Use a Different Container

Using a different container isn’t always possible. Sometimes you can’t move the item from the original dish because it’s fragile or would be too messy or any number of reasons. But if you can, transfer the food to a dish with a cover like a repurposed take out container or a glass jar–two things I love reusing!

It’s time to ditch the plastic wrap

There are so many great and easy alternatives to plastic wrap that it just makes sense to stop using such a wasteful and harmful product for our environment. I hope these plastic wrap alternatives help inspire you to find ways to make the switch!

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  • Karalee

    These are great alternatives to plastic wrap! My partner uses plastic wrap, but I did buy beeswax wraps and I like that they can fit a lot of different sizes of containers. Usually I would just move the food to a container with a lid.

    • A Sustainably Simple Life

      That’s awesome that you have some go to alternatives! Thanks for sharing what works for you πŸ™‚

      • GWT

        They make plastic wrap so convenient to use. Using it once, then throw away. So yes it’s time to ditch it for more sustainable practices and the alternatives suggested are readily available. Just need to change the mindset.

        • A Sustainably Simple Life

          It does feel so convenient to use, doesn’t it. Thank you for sharing your thoughts! A mindset change is always a work in progress for all of us πŸ™‚

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