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31 Plastic Free Swaps for Plastic Free July

It’s one of our favourite months of the year: Plastic Free July! It’s a month of collaborative ideas and a social media movement all about going plastic free. Plastic is so prevalent in our lives that we can fail to notice that it’s there. This is why it’s so great that Caroline from Enviroline Blog has started this month’s Climate Change Collective conversation by talking about small steps we can take for Plastic Free July because small steps can make a huge impact. I’m adding to the conversation by sharing 31 plastic free swaps you make make this month.

[I]f we all take small steps it can lead to a big difference.

Caroline – Enviroline Blog

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31 Plastic Free Swaps to get your Plastic Free July started

Since plastic seems to show up everywhere, there are loads of plastic free swaps you can make. Caroline has started our Climate Change Collective conversation this month talking about small steps we can take that can actually make a big difference. You can read Caroline’s post on Enviroline Blog here: Small steps, big difference – Plastic Free July 2024.

Here are 31 ideas for easy, plastic free swaps to get you started:


Plastic Free Swaps in the Bathroom

1. Swap your shampoo bottle for a shampoo bar

2. Swap your traditional floss for a water flosser

3. Swap your plastic toothbrush for a bamboo toothbrush

4. Swap your toothpaste tube for toothpaste tablets

5. Swap your dry shampoo bottles for boxes or bulk cornstarch

6. Swap your bottled body wash for bar soap

7. Swap your plastic bath poof for a natural loofa

8. Swap your plastic hair ties for natural rubber ones

9. Swap your plastic pads for fabric pads or period underwear

10. Swap your plastic razor for a metal safety razor

11. Swap your tampons for a reusable period cup

12. Swap your plastic wrapped toilet paper rolls for a bidet or reusable cloth toilet paper

13. Swap your lip balm in plastic tubes for brands in cardboard tubes

14. Swap your plastic deodorant for natural deodorant in tins or cardboard tubes

Read more about going plastic free in your bathroom here: Plastic Free Bathroom

food containers are an easy way to make plastic free swaps
Photo by Pixabay/melksales

Plastic Free Swaps in the Kitchen

15. Swap your disposable drink bottle for a reusable bottle

16. Swap your plastic wrap for beeswax wraps

17. Swap your plastic Ziploc bags for reusable snack bags

18. Swap your bottles of dish soap for bar dish soap

19. Swap your plastic packaged food for homemade items

20. Swap your plastic produce bags for loose produce or reusable produce bags

21. Swap your single use coffee cups for a reusable mug

22. Swap your plastic wrapped paper towels for reusable napkins and cloth rags

23. Swap your plastic Keurig coffee pod for a reusable coffee pod

24. Swap your traditional tea bags for loose leaf tea

Read more about going plastic free in your kitchen here: Plastic Free Kitchen

Plastic Free Swaps for your Household

25. Swap your disposable dryer sheets for homemade fabric dryer sheets. (Check out the easy steps below and find all the details in Krista’s post: How to Make Homemade Dryer Sheets)

26. Swap your plastic scrub brush for a wooden brush with natural bristles

27. Swap your cleaners in plastic bottles for homemade options win reusable (or upcycled) bottles

28. Swap your jugs of laundry detergent for powder detergent in boxes

29. Swap your plastic spray bottles of laundry stain remover for a stain remover bar

Plastic Free Swaps for your Lifestyle

30. Swap your plastic yoga mat for a cork and rubber one

31. Swap your gift of a plastic wrapped bouquet for a potted plant

Read more about going plastic free here: Plastic Free Laundry Routine

Plastic Free July 2024

Whether you’re diving in and making all 31 plastic free swaps or choosing one or two to commit to, every small step is going to make a difference.

What plastic free changes have you been making in your life lately?

Climate Change Collective
Photo Credit: Michelle at Boomer Eco Crusader

The Climate Change Collective

This post is a part of our Climate Change Collective conversations.

The Climate Change Collective was born out of an exchange that took place between Michelle and Jamie in the comments section of a Jamie Ad Stories blog post. Jamie and Michelle both care deeply about the impact of human activity on our planet and wanted to find a way to keep the climate change message top of mind for everyone. A tweet was sent out, bloggers responded, and we’ve all now teamed up to create the Climate Change Collective! Learn more about the bloggers behind this group in our post introducing everyone: Get to Know our 5 Fantastic Climate Change Collective Bloggers.

The idea is simple. The members of the collective will take turns writing a monthly blog post sharing their concerns and unique perspective about climate change. After the post is published, the rest of the group will keep the conversation going by sharing a link to the post on their blogs along with their thoughts and ideas. If you’re a like-minded blogger and would like to join our collective, please get in touch. The more the merrier!

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  • Michelle (Boomer Eco Crusader)

    Excellent roundup of swaps that will make a huge different. I’m happy to report that I’ve made most of these. For laundy detergent, I first tried boxed powder and was dismayed that it came with a plastic scoop in the box. After that I switched to buying liquid detergent at my local refillery. I have been refilling the same plastic jug for five years now!

  • Molly | Transatlantic Notes

    This is exactly what I have been looking for! I am going to do an audit, as mentioned by Caroline in her fab post, and then make some swaps (which I needed some inspiration for). It feels good to swap out plastic wherever we can!

What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments!