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30 Things in 30 Days – Choosing 8 to 14

About three years ago I did what I call “the big purge.” I was leaving the country for six months and wanted to get rid of as much stuff as possible. My goal was to keep functional items and things I was overly sentimental about. The rest needed to go. I don’t think I am overestimating when I say I cut my possessions in half. It felt so good until I came back and saw just how much I still had. And in addition to that, I’ve started accumulating more over the years.

As I looked to choose the next 7 things to go this week, I had a few questions in mind:

Do I need this? 
Is this easily replaceable? 
Why am I holding onto this? 

I feel that understanding why I have something will help me make more informed choices about what I add to my stuff in the future. It’s at least a theory worth exploring!

The 7 things that hit the road this week:

8. Moving Boxes … I really don’t need the clutter, though I like the idea of having them on hand for my next move. For these I’m using the 20/20/20 idea–I can replace them in under 20 minutes, by traveling under 20 kms, and for under $20.

9. Old Clothes … clothes are a continual work in progress. Currently I am using the backwards hanger method. Everything is hung up with the hanger facing backwards until I wear it and then it is hung up properly. This will indicate what I actually wear and what I don’t need to keep around.

10. My Favourite Shoes … I’ve kept them a year too long. Holes are forming. This is a sad moment.

11. A Workbook … It is a duplicate book study that I’ll never use and it has already found a new home with someone who will go through it.

12. Books … More books as promised.

13. Random Kitchen Tool … I keep looking in my kitchen drawers examining the things that are supposed to make life easier while cooking. They may very well do that, but reality is that I don’t bother to take them out of the drawer. Like this little pink thing. I’m sure it’s fantastic, but I never remember to use it so out the door it goes.

14. Tea Cup … It’s a darling little thing, but it sits in the cupboard. When I asked myself “Why are you keeping this?” I couldn’t come up with an answer.

What are you asking yourself as you are choosing what needs to go? 

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This post was originally written in 2017 and republished in 2020.

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