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30 Things in 30 Days – Almost the End

This week I found there are some areas of my household that are easy to search out items to purge. While it is great to have some easy items to choose as I wind down the 30 things in 30 days, it means that these areas are ones where I spend more, keep more, and overcrowd my home. 

These areas are the first three of my next 7 things:

22. Scarves
23. Shoes
24. Clothes

25. Winter Gear … As the cold weather approaches, I’m pulling out the items I need to use and am letting go of the ones that I haven’t taken out for years.

26. Plastic Containers … I’m a huge fan of reusing items before recycling them, but I’ve stockpiled a few more containers than I need to keep.

27. Coloured Ropes … Miscellaneous items brought home for free with hopes of being turned into craft projects. Those never materialized, so months later it is time to pass these onto someone else.

28. Magazines/Pamphlets/Business Cards … I don’t know if I’m the only one, but I tend to keep information packs a little too long. I file them away in nice tidy areas of the house (for the most part) but not all of it is necessary. This week, I started the first round with these papers, sending many to the recycle bin.

Have you found certain areas in your home that have an abundance of things? What areas are the easiest for you to minimize? 

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This post was originally written in 2017 and republished in 2020.

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