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20 Unexpected Foods You Can Freeze

Given that many of us are trying to go to the grocery store as little as possible these days, we thought we’d share a list of unexpected things we regularly buy or make in large batches and freeze!

  1. Chopped peppers: I buy peppers close to expiry, then chop and freeze them for soups and chili;
  2. Chopped onions (raw): one less thing to chop when trying to get a meal made in a hurry!
  3. Chopped onions (cooked);
  4. Whole bananas: make banana bread or muffins or use as a substitute for eggs;
  5. Sliced apples: I slice and freeze apples for pies and crisps, or something like this slow-cooker oatmeal;
  6. Yogurt: I love these reusable pouches (This is an affiliate link, as an Amazon Affiliate I earn from qualifying purchases) to portion out and freeze for snacks, however you can also freeze and later use fruit yogurt in muffins or plain yogurt in sauces and soups;
  7. Chopped vegetables: Foods such as carrots, celery and spinach can be chopped and frozen in containers according to your favourite soup recipes so you only need to thaw one container to make a quick meal;
  8. Avocado: remove from the skin and freeze in chunks;
  9. Guacamole: freeze in usable portion sizes;
  10. Cabbage: freeze whole head or leaves for cabbage rolls;
  11. Coleslaw: freeze for use in soups or a stir-fry;
  12. Food scraps for broth: see instructions here!
  13. Hummus: freeze in single-use portions and thaw as needed. I find that sometimes there’s a bit of liquid on the top after thawing but stirring seems to restore the texture;
  14. Pasta: I will often freeze pre-made pasta such as ravioli or tortellini if I come across a deal on Flashfood;
  15. Mashed potatoes: make a large batch of mashed potatoes and freeze the excess in portions. They may need to be whipped after thawing but the consistency should remain similar to when they were freshly made;
  16. Cooked rice / quinoa: Freeze in portions;
  17. Cooked beans and lentils: I love to make big batches in my Instant Pot then portion out and freeze. This is a huge money saver as well as the fact that the packaging to purchase uncooked beans and lentils and prepare your own is far less than purchasing these items pre-made and canned;
  18. Milk: freeze in portions and use for cream soups or baking;
  19. Cooked egg: egg bites or quiche for quick and healthy breakfasts;
  20. Yeast dough: it seems that everyone is baking bread! Make a large batch of bread, cinnamon buns or pizza dough and freeze a portion for easy and fresh baking.

Is there anything unexpected that you freeze for later use? Share in the comments below!


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