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12 Fun, Frugal, and Eco-Friendly Ways to Celebrate Mom this Mother’s Day

The countdown to Mother’s Day is on! Whether you’ve had your gifts wrapped for months, have some idea of what you’re doing, or haven’t even thought about it yet, we have you covered. Read on below for simple, thoughtful and eco-friendly ways to celebrate mom this coming weekend!

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12 Ideas for Mother’s Day

We’ve got you covered for ideas with these fun and eco-friendly ways to celebrate mom this Mother’s Day–or any day!

1. Make Seed Paper Cards

I’ve received seed paper in the past and think it’s a fantastic idea as it is easy to plant with kids and so fun to watch for the results! I hadn’t ever considered that one could make their own and was excited when I stumbled across DIY instructions here. My kids and I will be making some together this week to share as cards for Mother’s Day!

Rose flower. Seed paper makes a great eco-friendly way to celebrate mom
Seed paper to plant in your garden

2. Explore a New Park Together

I find that no matter how long I’ve lived in a place, there are always new places to discover and explore. Do an online search, talk to friends, ask at local shops to uncover any local gems you didn’t previously know about and explore with mom!

3. Homemade Spa Gifts

Try out some of these very simple, homemade spa gifts, and while you’re at it – make some for yourself as well!

Homemade spa gifts as an eco-friendly way to celebrate mom
Homemade Spa Gifts

4. Mom and Daughter Yoga Mats

We’ve recently discovered Scoria cork yoga mats as an alternative to those made of non-renewable products. They even have kids mats, perfect for mom and kiddo yoga sessions! Be sure to use our affiliate link for 10% off applicable items.

Cork Yoga Mat

5. Breakfast in Bed (or Brunch!)

I used to make breakfast in bed for my mom every year, serving her somehow simultaneously burned and undercooked pancakes – but she ate them anyways! A better alternative to my poorly executed pancakes is one the easiest and most impressive brunch foods I’ve ever made: a Puff Pastry Apple Tart. Source the easy-to-find list of ingredients and give it a try!

6. E-book Gift Card

I know that e-books don’t have that tactile, satisfying feeling of holding the book, flipping the pages, and seeing your progress through the book (yes, I love a paper book!) but there is certainly something to be said about the ease of storage and variety of e-books available these days! Or for a busy mom consider an Audible subscription so she can listen to books while on-the-go.

7. Salt Dough Handprints

This is probably THE classic Mother’s Day gift, and for good reason! Handprints or shapes with a child’s name on them make lovely keepsakes, are simple to make, and kid-friendly to decorate. Mix up some dough, shape it by hand or use cookie cutters, bake, and decorate!

8. Make Mom a Fancy Coffee

Make her a special coffee or tea to savour — sometimes a few quiet moments are the best gift!

9. DIY Photo Shoot

When starting this blog I had purchased a photo stand with a ring light and have been absolutely amazed by the lovely photos I can take with it. However, it’s also worth noting that one of my favourite family photos was taken by propping a phone on a backpack and setting the timer, no fancy equipment required! With that in mind, why not match some outfits, head to a local park, and take some family photos to give away for Mother’s Day.

10. Source Favourite Treats from Your Local Zero Waste Shop

All I really want for most occasions is chocolate – so why not support your local zero waste shop when shopping for mom’s favourite treats!

11. Plant Flowers Together

It’s the season for garden centres and growing things! Take advantage of the season by buying some colourful annuals and planting them with your family. You’ll create memories and something to enjoy all summer long, and no plastic wrap from store-bough flowers!

Flowers in the garden
Plant flowers together in the garden

12. Cook an Easy Meal For Mom (or Cook Together!)

Often our moms are the ones preparing meals each and every day, so why not treat her to dinner instead! Not a cook? No problem! I cook by necessity and when I need inspiration or a bit of cooking support I find simple recipes online or try something from Epicure! Another bonus? No takeout containers.

For more great gift ideas, check out 20+ DIY Mother’s Day Gift Guide from Lynn Mumbing Mejia. DIYs are always a fun eco-friendly way to celebrate mom!

The Final Touches

And don’t forget to wrap any presents in reusable, plastic free ways! For inspiration, check out our post: Plastic Free Gift Wrap

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