Fun and Frugal Fall Activities to do with kids
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10 Fun and Frugal Fall Activities to do With Kids

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It’s that time of year here in Southern BC: some days are gloriously sunny and others are rain-soaked and gloomy – and we need fun activities to do no matter what the weather! So if you’re struggling with keeping little ones entertained in this changing season, read on for 10 fun and frugal activities to do with kids!

As the kids grow older, we’ve started to have more interesting discussions about the circle of life and changes in nature throughout the year, among other topics, as we go about our days. We’ve had a few life lessons come up lately and here are some activities that I’ve found entertain and teach in this season of change!

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Indoor Fun and Frugal Activities

  1. Baking cookies together – we used borrowed Halloween and Fall themed cookie cutters rather than going out to buy new ones
  2. Putting up fall decorations we collected from outdoors or that we made ourselves
  3. Making boats out of building blocks, paper, containers from the kitchen, or anything you have lying around that might float, and sailing them in the bathtub (with a little blue food colouring in the water for realistic effect) – not exactly fall-themed, but a lot of fun!
  4. Making cards and gifts for upcoming events – hello hand print turkey cards! Homemade craft activities are always a hit in our household!
  5. Make your own Halloween costumes, check out our past blog post on DIY Halloween costumes here!
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Outdoor Fun and Frugal Activities

  1. Puddle stomping! There’s no bad weather, only bad clothes, as the saying goes – so we suit up no matter what the weather and stomp our way through every puddle in our local park, finding all of the slugs and worms as we go, and talking about how all animals have an important part to play in our world.
  2. Finding nature treasures and putting them in our display wall: these are such great opportunities to talk about the changes around us (falling leaves), what animals are doing now (squirrels storing acorns for the winter) and flying handfuls of seed ‘helicopters’ (learning about how new trees grow) and how we can take care of our planet!
  3. Yard work: helping pick produce from the garden, pull weeds and rake (and of course jump in) leaves – also a good opportunity to reward hard work with a bit of pay, and talk about how what they’ve earned translates to the things they want to buy!
  4. Snack picnics: It may be too cold to be outside for a full picnic, but it can be fun to throw a blanket in the grass and have a little snack outdoors in the sun, even if it is a little chilly.
  5. Visit a local pumpkin patch: take a hayride, choose your pumpkins, and support a local farmer while you’re at it. Too soon it will be time to carve the pumpkins for Halloween and don’t forget to roast the pumpkin seeds!
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These are some of my go-to activities, now it’s time to share yours! What are your favourite fall, Halloween, pumpkin spicy activities? Share with us on social media!

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